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T5 update?

Blue Ghost

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Any word on how T5 is developing?
Originally posted by Blue Ghost:
Any word on how T5 is developing?
Slow, I think. Marc is currently working rather intensely with a few business partners on some other matter, and T5 development, along with most other things (including the Classic Traveller CD-ROM) has slowed.

Having said that, I'm reasonably certain Marc has the core engine more complete than draft. The rules outline has been pretty solid for years now, so he at least has a blueprint. Similarly, I believe the chargen process is somewhere in between draft status and complete. Combat and interpersonal interactions are at least in draft status, and perhaps a bit further than that. The skills list is at least in draft status.

Peripheral matters are half-and-half, with Second Survey in draft (AOTI baseline recovered, and world generation rules tweaked a bit), alien generation rules in draft, small craft design in draft, and vehicle design, starship design, and squadron design in conceptual stages. These all will undergo extensive revision (as necessary) before they even approach completion.

Introductory adventures are in the conceptual stage.

I have heard nothing about the "core" milieu, if there is any. I am therefore assuming that any milieu that leaks into T5 will be through the introductory adventures, rather than the rules themselves, although I doubt Traveller will make efforts to be more generic than CT (although, the last time I saw anything about the chargen careers, the career names themselves had become distanced a bit from looking overtly Imperial).

These are pretty much just opinions of mine, based on observations.
So it sounds like draft all around. Perhaps 2008 or 2009? Let's hope some effort is spent on proof-reading this time. Let's also hope the CT CD-ROM is either professionally scanned or OCRed, unlike the completely amature effort done with MT.

Sorry to sound cynical. I think Marc has done a fabulous job with Traveller, it just seems his attention to detail and professional polish is lacking. Just look at the Far Future Enteprises web pages. What a joke.
Yes, proofreading is going to be a pet peeve of mine. I'm hoping the rules will be as clean as, say, The Traveller Book, which had an astonishingly low errata quotient (I can think of two errata, and no typos). We don't want another MegaTraveller Errata, which just about requires its own bound volume.

And I think you're right about availability. Even if the core is complete, he would still have to go through the publishing process, which I hear takes plenty of time. Having said that, I'm reasonably certain that Heartland Publishers is the publisher /printer/whatever.
Just tell him to send the manuscript over this way. It'd make a nice change proof-reading something I was actually interested in for a change. :rolleyes:
Hi all,

Does anyone know what the T5 playtest situation is? The files in the Moot look pretty moribund - is anything actually happening at the mo?

Happy travelling!

Originally posted by Shaira:
Hi all,

Does anyone know what the T5 playtest situation is? The files in the Moot look pretty moribund - is anything actually happening at the mo?

Happy travelling!


T5 playtest is, indeed, moribund. If there's enough interest, though, I can see if there's anything new available. Anyone else interested?

I would hope that he might entertain appearing on this forum to solicit opinion from time to time. The last time he appeared it was to deposit a survey. Traveller has a fan base that is very dedicated to making quality products vetting it with the fan base would certainly eliminate much errata and perhaps breath fresh live into what until now has been a relatively closed process.
Now that Hunter's back, I reckon we can re-kindle some discussion there.

Marc is indeed interested in our ideas. Most of his solicitations, even those with snippets of rules, have been primarily for the combined creativity of the 'web to shape Traveller via idea and expression, rather than dry mechanics.
Well, first off, we're taking Fire, Fusion, and Steel 2 out back and beating it senseless.

Here's the rationale:

(1) FFS2 was written for T4.
(2) FFE owns FFS2.
(3) T5 is a descendant of T4.
(4) FFE owns T5.

You get the picture.

I've asked if we are allowed to dumb-down FFS2, and Marc said, generally, yes, but what in particular are we targetting. And so the discussion in the Moot is starting. We've got miles to go.