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T5 newbie friendly

I hope T5 will be written with new players in mind with examples of what the concepts are in the rules, not just for thoughs who are vetrens of traveller. (Example i'm a newbie at traveller i bought the T20 system, there were some things that made me shake my head,i ended up byeing the ct version and now making sens and growing).
Board games- some not all have examples written in to get the point across.
Take a look at the T5 playtest materials and see if you can follow the Character Generation sequence. I'll be the first to admit that it needs some reorganization, but Marc has made an attempt to show examples and give checklists. The playtest files are available on Traveller5.com.
Originally posted by thrash:
The single most important step to making T5 accessible for new players is to clearly separate rules from background, and present the OTU as simply one example of a campaign, not a mandatory (and overwhelming) prerequisite for understanding the game.
I wholeheartedly agree! That is one of the reasons we did it with T20. Though there are those who disagree.

Hey speaking of T20, don't feel bad 'cuz I've been ref'ing Traveller since 1982 and have played all versions except MT and a lot of things in the T20 book don't make sense to me either- probably due to my unfamiliarity with the t20 system. I've been away from RPGs for a while but coming back. Can anybody answer questions about this system?