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T5 listed on new FFE website.

In FFE's new (as of December 23, 2002) website, listed under "versions of traveller" is an image of a Traveller 5 logo, with the "words more to come" at the bottom.

Well, they can sign me up for a preorder right now, because I'm buying it.

However, I do have some hopes. For one, I'd like to see some simpler mechanics included, especially in character creation and economics. Perhaps more control over what each character gets.

In general, gear the system towards faster play, or at least faster GM setup. As an avid role player, I'm finding that I don't have the time to manage all those behind the scenes elements as I used to, and that really influences what I buy.

Fix the economics, provide more examples and fill in those gaps in the starship economy. Especially provide more examples of how free traders are supposed to make a living both on the fringes and in high population.

Provide more "official" Imperium setting information. I know T5 was supposed to be semi or fully generic, but many don't have time to create entire universes anymore. I'd like to know what's it like to just live in the imperium, without having to buy and read through obscure entries in many different books.
Er, where? I'm looking at the page and I don't see anything about T5. The list I see is CT, MT, TNE, T4, G:T and T20 - no mention of T5 at all.
The 'alt' tag did say "click here for Traveller 5" when you put the mouse over the G:T image. But then it says "click here for Traveller 6" when you put it over T20. I wonder if that's some cause for confusion here. Either that, or they changed the website, or I'm just being blind :D
Originally posted by Valerian:
The direct link to the page showing the T5 logo is:


Like much of the site right now, this appears to be a place holder.

OK, so it's there. Nobody was imagining things. :D

I wish they'd get some decent weblayout at FFE though. Seems a bit daft to make your entire website a load of imagemaps when text would do it just as well. But then that seems kinda appropriate for Traveller, somehow, in a retro-archaic kinda way... :D
Seriously. Even I could do a better layout.

Perhaps I should volunteer my services.

Still, hopefully the reason why the site is in such a bad shape is that they're so busy working on T5.