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T4 Weapons


I am planning to set my first game with T4 rules (I am used to CT & MT). The T4 mainbook, however has a rather weak selection of weapons. Could anybody tell me which book I should buy to get the energy weapons?
Look for the book called "The Emperor's Arsenal" you'll be very happy with it, it was probably the best book in the T4 series. It has a huge number of weapons from every tech level with complete descriptions. Some are quite interesting too.

On the other hand, you can skip the "Emperor's Vehicles" it sucked rocks.

Dave "Dr. Skull" Nelson
While the evolutionary steps are a little different from previous editions, the high energy weapons (and most of the rest) are found in Book #7: Emperor's Arsenal. I don't recall if the T4 version of FF&S did handweapon scale HE weapons at all...

BTW, is there any others good T4 books? I liked the main book, even with all the small mistakes. I also have the Milleau 0 Campaign, which was a good read, but I don't like the idea of a campaign in which the future is already written. I have seen the Central Catalogue, which I found neat, but not special, and the Pocket Empires, which I liked the concept but though to be irrelevant to my roleplaying campaigns.
My view was that these were good:
Main Book
Mileau 0: (campaign stuff, but not maps)
Emperor's Arsenal
Central Supply Catalogue (with some reservations)

The following were just bad:
Emperor's vehicles

I found the rest to be eminently forgetable.

Dave "Dr. Skull" Nelson
I think I must be the lone voice that liked Emperor's Vehicles. That said, Emperor's Arsenal was by far the best T4 book.

Starships was good if all you wanted was the Standard Ship Design System. If it had been just the deckplans it would've rated as my all time worst rpg supplement.

A very nice book to get is At Close Quarters by BITS. It's basically the T4 version of Snapshot or Azhanti High Lightning, but does add some nice bits like a different autofire rule.

I would suggest that you invest in some weapons reference books. You can find many good ones at used bookstores. There are some game related books that are good. I recommend the following; 3G3 by BTRC a weapons design manual for gear heads, Ultra Modern Firearms by Chameleon Eclectic a reasource book for their Millennium's End RPG the best book in (imho) of TL7/8/9 weapons , and finally an older book The Armoury by Kevin Dockery has a sampling weapons from all eras. With thease books as a guide you can easily create new weapons and adjust the stats for older ones.
I have most of the books that Darium recommends and wholeheartedly agree with the recommendations. I'm not sure how easily you can find these books, as they've all been out of print for more time than I want to think about. You could try abebooks.com and of course amazon.com also sells used and out-of-print stuff.

Of course, you'll still have to convert those weapons to your rule system.


PS If you're going to shop for books from Amazon, I strongly recommend you go to Loren Weisman's Web site first and follow his link to amazon.com. That way, Loren gets a kickback from amazon for anything you buy. Being a game designer doesn't pay very well, unless you're one of maybe eight or ten people at the most in the last three decades of gaming. http://www.io.com/~lkw/