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T2K Required Reading/Viewing


SOC-14 5K
A topic, borrowed from one in the 2300AD forum, which looks at good reading for Twilight 2000 fans.

Movies: 1, 2, 3. Terminator series.

Books: ??
Books from a librarian:

Damination Alley by Silverberg

On the Beach by Shute

A Canticle For Leibowitz by Miller

Nuclear Holocausts: Atomic War in Fiction 1894-1985 by Brians
I'm not sure if it can still be found, but we did an entire thead on this subject and there were some excelent entries. Here a few of the favorites. I have another list somewhere from all the posters, I will post it when I find it.

Mad Max (the first one most clearly, but the others follow a downward spiral)

Boy and his Dog

Third World War (TV Movie with Rock Hudson, but it featured Spetsnaz and Yanks shooting it out over the Alaska Pipeline...)

The movie with the Sub cruising around after the apocalypse, down to Australia (name?)

Damnation Alley with George Peppard

The Postman

Def Con 4


On the Beach

Twilights Last Gleaming
I found the old thread. "A little assistance please" There are some really good ideas. Keep in mind, while the ideas are good some of the movies are a bit, ah, rough.
Professor Brian in the above mentioned post actually has a web page covering the issues in his book.

For movies also just watch most of the SF from the 1950s and substitute the giant ants for Red Chinese and you get an idea how America would respond if there were in Reds under the Bed.

Only to discover the Survivalist nuts that form the basis of New America are even more scary.
Beyond the Looking Glass: A movie from the viewpoint of a TV news cast a la War of the Worlds but with a confrontation of American and Russian naval forces in the Middle East. Kind of dated (early 80's I believe and I think it is a Canadian production, not 100% sure).

The Last Day: The TV mini series that shows the effects of a nuclear war on a small town in Kansas. Pretty scary actually...
hehe, I just copied that list from from one of my files. I dont recall who actually posted it. I watched it a few nights after I got the correct title.

Didn't know there was a book. I will go find it.

The Last Day: The TV mini series that shows the effects of a nuclear war on a small town in Kansas. Pretty scary actually...
This movie is actually The Day After. It was pretty pathetic. (Nice blue skies after a thermonuclear exchange? C'mon.)

The British movie about the same subject matter, Threads, was more depressing and probably way more accurate.