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T2K is this week's freebie at drive by

And I'm glad I didn't have to pay for it. First page is the back of the book (or is that the ad? I can't tell), all the color prints are extremely dark and there's bleedthrough / grey blocks on every page I've skimmed through. It's readable I suppose on the screen if I concentrate but would kill my printer if I tried to print it out.

RPG.net thread on it looks like they may have scanned the reprints. Since I don't have it I can't verify if it has light paper.

That's odd, I downloaded the set and found it all quite readable, although the back box cover and the adventure module ad were a bit dark. The biggest problem I saw were the color maps of Poland which are too small to read.
Well I downloaded mine on Monday and when I tried last night and again just now I get a

The page does not exist
The page you are looking for has been removed.

HTTP Error 410 - Permanently not available. >.<

[EDIT] Contacted DTRPG. Will see what the reply is.[/EDIT]