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T2000-2300 connection?

This sounds like a stupid question, but am I correct in assuming that the T2000 timeline eventually extends into the 2300 universe? That is to to say, 2300 represents the eventual recovery of the world from the events of T2000. Since I never bought any books from either game, I don't know.
the truly interesting thing is that they created an in house game to simulate the geo politics/diplomacy/warfare to simulate the events between 2000-5 to 2300.I got a copy(it was handed out ata con as a freebie)I guess(misremember)frank chadwick as the author/gm and the gdw staff played soemitmes multiple countries.It listed who plyed what.ONe guy(his name eludes my memory srry)played cuba,ukraine and india?The interesting thing was 3 people fought over america (civ gov,mil gov,and the new america creeps)Out of this mess that was world war 3,france had a leg up due to lack of damage a strong geographical barrier(rhine)and closeness to the saudi arabian oil fields.The us was fighting over geography and the french were rebuilding so they had an edge because america was occupied.My friends didnt like the background because france was a superpower and so was mexico.The mexican thing really caused fights,mexico took pieces of california,arizona,new mexico,and all of texas for like 100 yrs (until there war of rebellion)I loved the system and the background but the mexicans developed M1s and kept those territories at least for a while arguement didnt work for me with them.lol try 2300ad you'll like it merc: 2000 is pretty good too