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T20 walkthroughs or tutoring?


I'm still coming to grips with the mechanics of T20 (heck, D20 in general!) I suspect I'm not alone in coming from the CT/MT era and just having some trouble wrapping the ole' gray matter around a new set of rules. (Have to push all that ASL stuff out yet!)

Any chance one of the T20 Adepts would be willing to walk through some examples of play or tutorial sessions, on IRC perhaps? The transcript once cleaned up could be posted in the eLibrary for the benefit of other slow learners.
Things like basic combat, combat vs. a vehicle, maybe even guided character generation session (arrrgggh, too much page flipping, where do I go now?) would be very helpful.

In pre-emptive gratitude,

There's been some of what you want posted by those of us who feel we have some grasp but I'll admit I'm not clear myself yet on a lot of it (having gotten the book late in the game so to speak). I've asked these and other questions a few times in the hopes of clearing up my own issues with the sometimes idea of creating just such a walkthrough.

But until my questions are answered (and some have been asked several times, and I'm not alone there either) I don't feel the confidence to answer some issues or serve as a guide, and to be honest I can't see how anyone can in a couple of the cases, yet they do :confused: I guess maybe sometimes any answer, even if just an educated guess, is a good answer.
Some threads on prior history examples that may be useful (note I haven't examined them closely enough yet to see how accurate they are though :( )

Thread 1, Thread 2

Key things for chargen are taking a term in a Prior History "Class" doesn't have to equal taking levels in the class of that same name (for the most part).

Multiclassing/Prior History, Weapon, armor and vehicle proficiencies (like being certified for a vehicle category), gunnery skill, AR / mixing different "scales" in combat (esp. Battledress), and psionics seem to be the main things people run into problems with.

Aside from the locked in BAB (which is replaceable) and a fairly lengthy chargen process (which however can make a good variety of characters) I find T20 to be a good d20 based game (and a good rpg) even played as is. IMO it's best used with a strict GM hand on allowing any additional rules esp. skills and feats from other d20 based material, esp. when just starting out.