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T20 Vac Suit


What exactly are the abilities of a Vac suit in T20; to be more specific, what features does a vac suit have as standard?

For example:

Do they have HUD or are the dials/indicators on the arms/chest? Is there an integral light source on the suit/helmet?Are there infra-red or low-light options standard or can one add easily these features? How about magnification? Is some sort of safety line or belt part of a normal suit? What about an emergency patch kit?

Those questions being answered, how about in regards to the tailored vac suit with its much higher tech level and comfortable fit?

Thank you for any help or imput!
Good questions. I was researching something like this and didn't get far. Here's another one.
How long does the oxygen supply last?

I did find a Challenger article on the Emergency Patch Kit and there's another on the tethered lines.

The description paragraph (pg. 208) lists a 6 hour duration. It also hints at the other questions but not much in details. Left to the imagination of the GM I guess
The "Central Supply Catalog" for T4 (just happened to be on the top of the pile at hand) lists a few more options, of which I think this should be standard:

"Stickyfeet: Possible on TL9+ suits, this is an electrically active elastic compound. When a current passes through it, it becomes very soft and sticky, so the user may walk carefully in zero or mircrogravity conditions on any surface by activating and deactivating them."

Needs to be replaced after limited use at cr50 per pair.
Well, briefly, to avoid copyright issues (I hope, but I'm sure Hunter will fix it if not), and too much typing ;) there's:

Anti-corrosive layering for corrosive atmosphere work: cr5,000 and 5kg, good for 100 hours or so exposure

Anti-infiltration layering for insidious atmosphere work: cr5,000 and 5kg, restricts mobility (reduced Dex benefits).

Long range comms: use the vehicle design section or personal gear

Additional sensors: use the vehicle design section or personal gear (I figure a basic atmo, temp and rads are standard)

That's about it, and most of that is probably covered in T20 and other systems too, perhaps in different ways. Remember the above is from T4 and may not translate directly. The suit layerings for example are when building the suit originally, not retrofitting to an existing suit (figure many more creds). T4 starts with a basic EVA suit at different TL's and performance and then custom builds by adding selected components. CT and T20 I think have a generic example that is essentially complete and similar across TL's.
There is a page in the MT Imperial Encyclopedia all about Vacc Suits TL9-15, their life support systems, and accessories.
Any chance we will see a TA on equipment for T20? Hey, I would rather pay for an updated equipment book for T20 in the form of a TA than pay for another version of Traveller. Heck, just "paste and post" a TA that shows some equipment from previous Traveller versions with some updated stats.

Then perhaps I can stop some of my fellow Traveller players from insisting that their *blank* must be allowed to *blank*, because while it doesn't state that in the t20 book, it only makes "sense" that their equipment has that ability!
I know its a little off the subject but does combate armor work as a vac suit? Thb say it is a vac suit like array of armor. Under the HE Suit it says that the HE suits are heavyer and more expensive than combate armor but almost as effective, and they are just a hardened vac suit. Pluse Combate armor needs the armor prof. Vac suit.
Yes, combat armour works as a vacc suit. At least it does in every other version of Traveller, and, as you say, the Armour Prof.:Vacc Suit allows its use.
Thanks thats what i needed to know. The GM had ruled that combate armor worked like a vac suit but he was going to look into it and maybe change his ruling. Just looking to see if the party was going to need to buy more vac suits.
Check out DGP's World Builders Handbooks, there's a variety of vac-suits at lots of different tech levels available, that can be coupled to different backpacks (PLSS) type A,B,C,
Type A usually last 4 to 6 hours
Type B usually last 12 to 24 hours
Type C can last up to 48 hours (if I remember correctly) :D

I know its a MT product but what the hell it's still relevant, especially in Gateway 993 and later settings. DGP stuff was always of excellent quality.