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T20 Ship Stats


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I finally got round to uploading my Traveller website. There are a couple of T20 ship stats to have a look at, more will follow ... http://members.aol.com/TerranTraveller/html/starport.html

Please feel free to give feedback, I plan on doing deckplans for the ships at some point (real-life permitting). If any of the artistic souls out there would like to contribute art, I'd be most glad to host on the site. I'm afraid that the deckplans will be the limit of the art otherwise. My artistic talent is almost non-existant and while matchstick men worked for Lowry, it doesn't look so good on a website.

The rest of the site isn't quite ready for use. I've still got to refine the Astrography and put more detail in on the setting. I'd be interested to hear off topic views by PM.
Ships added to the website so far ...

TL9 WorkBee Cargo Shuttle
The Zaibatsu/General Space Vehicles WorkBee can be found in most highports in the Terran Federation. The WorkBee is a small box-like shuttle for moving standard 50dt cargo modules from ship to ship. It consists of a drive section, a small pressurised cockpit (large enough for a single pilot) and two powerful arms for maneuvering the cargo modules in to place
TL10 Freightloader Transport
The Zaibatsu/General Space Vehicles FreightLoader is the workhorse of Terran freight haulage. The FreightLoader consists of a raised bridge and living section, an engine and power section, and a cargo infrastructure capable of holding up to six standard 50dt cargo modules. A maintenance corridor runs the length of the cargo infrastructure. Along the cargo infrastructure are docking clamps for up to six standard 50dt cargo modules.
TL11 Leviathan Class Jumpship
The jumpship is a Terran concept that has emerged to allow merchant traffic to more easily cross Jump-2 gaps in Terran space. The jumpship allows merchant vessels to serve the Terran colonies without devoting cargo space to large jump engines. Although primarily classed as a civilian ship, the jumpships of the Terran Federation are crewed by naval personnel. The ship is basically a set of massive engines within the hull, that can carry up to six 1000dt non-jump or Jump-1 ships. A command section and living section is situated at the front of the vessel, a massive drive and engineering section at the rear. Connecting these sections is the docking section, where the client vessels hard dock to the docking mounts of the jumpship. The docking mount airlocks allow customs officers to inspect client vessels whilst in jump space
TL9 TFN Falcon Light Fighter
The Falcon light strike fighter has been in service since the early years of the Terran Federation. It was commissioned during the Interstellar War with the Kimashugar Free Worlds. The Falcon follows a design tradition of earlier atmospheric fighter aircraft. The wedge shaped spacecraft resembles the delta-wing aircraft of the late 20th and early 21st century.
TL11 TFN Halifax Class Escort Destroyer
The Halifax escort destroyer resembles a flattened cigar in shape. The class is used to escort both military support and civilian convoys. It is generally the heaviest military unit assigned to civilian escort in peacetime.
TL11 TFN Saipan Class Escort Carrier
The Saipan class escort carrier is generally used to escort fleet support resources. It is armed with an array of defensive weaponry, although the carrier has limited combat capability through the use of its pulse laser batteries.
The ships are for an Alternate Traveller setting which diverges before the first contact between the Terrans and Vilani. In this setting, the Imperium (Vilani Ziru Sirka) has all but collapsed at the frontier. The collapse instigated by Vargr raids and a rebellion of the Dingir subsector (was Dingir Free Worlds, now Kimashugar Free Worlds to reflect GT:Interstellar Wars - which IMO should be considered canon for the IW period). The Imperium can no longer maintain control of the frontier. They still hold and fully control a number of core sectors around Vland.

The setting is for a concept I considered a while ago, but then revamped with the wealth of information for the period from GT:Interstellar Wars.
Looks good so far.

I keep a bunch of links to Traveller pages in my Favorites, and noticed that you left the name of your page "Home Page", which is not very descriptive. I'd suggest changing your title line from: <TITLE>Home Page</TITLE>
to: <TITLE>Terran Federation DataNet</TITLE>