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T20 Rulebook Rocks!


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Well, I crawled out from the rock I was living under and visited my Local Game Company (Texas Game Company in Allen, TX).

And there was T20. It's on the bottom shelf, but it's hardcover and pretty thick, too.

I was blown away.

From the web images, I decided the cover was too busy, too cartoonish. I was wrong. I also thought "page layout and interior art isn't really that big of a deal". I was wrong.

That rulebook is blisteringly cool! Its execution is flawless, its interior art fits the Traveller feel, and the cover is simply breathtaking.

Not knowing enough of D20 to critique its rules well, I instead turned to starship design. It does indeed look like a refinement of High Guard, which is a Good Thing.

So in summary, the layout and what I know of the rules looks to be a first-rate effort and a result that's pleasing to look at. No doubts that this has greatly influenced my vision of the elements that T5 would need to have to just exist in a game store.

Good job, guys!