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t20 & HARN

trader jim

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my t20 universe 1st campaign is going to take place on, in and around Harn. if you know anything about the harn world system there are 3 ways a Traveller group can get there, #1 is that big Gas Giant which is its Sun. #2 is by way of the Ancients. #3 is my secret..youll have to find it...just for the sake of discussion...Harn is listed some where in the Traveller star charts...
can you find it????.....the perfect Mideival world..

I have run Harn for many many moons as a fantasy setting. I just want to say, you got cajones dood.
Harn as a Traveller setting? That would neverhave even entered my mind.

The anceints = The Earthmasters...I got that.

The other reason, hmmm...misjump? Time dialation miscalibration of the new fangled dooddadthingymajig that they are testing for the ministry of Science?


Harn for T20. I don't believe this -- just this week, I was having a similar thought. Great minds must think alike. ;)

I recently bought the Harn d20 adventure "Trobridge Inn." This past week, it struck me that it could easily be adapted as a T20 adventure on a low-tech world. I could see PCs being sent to the world as emissaries by the subsector marquis, or the sector duke. The tricky part would be, do the local peasants know about life on other planets? Would they treat the PCs as demons or devils? Would the PCs have to leave all of their high(er)-tech stuff in orbit, or hidden on the planet? Maybe the king(s) or ruler(s) of the Harn kingdom(s) knows about the off-worlders, but the common people don't?

This has loads of possibilities.

All of this reminds me: the old "Thieves World" boxed setting, which was based on the fantasy short-story collections of the same name, had stats for CT as well as for several different fantasy RPGs. If that could work, why not Harn?
Hi and Hello - another great mind out there!!! YES, YES!!.....i have almost all of the system -
been buying bit by bit over several years when i can find it!!...if you read on of the very first moduals....it says its adaptiable to almost any RPG....and its true!!!! they even put a "perfect"
gas giant out there for it star....just what a group of travellers need for refueling after being lost....there you have it...you just discovered HARN!!! it a Fantastic worl to "tromp"
around in and just "loaded with possiabilitys!!!
you will NEVER run out of ideas on how to use it!!! let me know how it works out for!!!
Yeah, I've picked up bits and pieces of Harn materials over the years. I originally got the basic setting because they ran an ad in Dragon magazine giving it away -- you only had to pay for the shipping. I couldn't pass up a deal like that. Then I bought some of the supplements over the years to use with D&D. But the inclusion of magic is so low that some spells and such could easily be converted to psionics, while the rest could just be superstition and/or high-tech relics left behind by previous visitors/Ancients. In fact, Harn has mention of a previous Ancients-like race that left behind powerful magic artifacts and sites.

The more I think about it, the more I like the idea.
One other VERY IMPORTANT idea.....explore the internet!!! punch in HARN and watch what happens!!!....more ideas!!! Have Fun!!
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