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T20 Demo - Need help


Well, T20 showed up at my FLAGS. When the owner saw me walk in, he didn't even say anything, just got up, took it off the shelf, stuck it in my hand and said "Will there be anything else today, or will that be all?"

Well, I didn't buy it. I've been trying to get a GURPS Traveller game going for over 2 years at that store. I told him I wasn't going to buy more books for a game no one will play.

He looked at me like I had two heads and said "But it's D20 based!!"

Well, we went 'round and 'round. Finally I agreed to run a demo and try to drum up interest.

The thing is, I’ll need characters for the demo. That's where I need help.

I'd like people to post some characters I can use in my demo. I'll use the characters you post as the player characters for the demo. Any left over will be the NPCs. I think I'll need 6 player characters.

Here's what I'm going for:

Merchant Captain - Co-Owner of group's starship. This guy runs the ship. Maybe he's a very minor Noble. Lots of Leadership and Law and Social stuff.

Merchant Trader - The other Co-Owner of group's starship. High Charisma and lots of Trading and Bartering stuff.

Ship's Engineer - Self explanatory. Lots of Feats like Jury Rig and Miracle Worker.

Ship's Doctor - Self explanatory.

Pilot/Navigator - Again, self explanatory. Lots of skills that are sensor and computer related.

Deck Hand - This is the "Wild Card" character. He'd need some kind of ship-board skills to use on his working passage, maybe Jack of all Trades, plus skills for his “dubious background.”
Yo Phydaux!

Contact Bryan Gibson at
Sababakrazny @aol.com

Tell him I sent you.(Liam Devlin). Tell him you need a list of the ship's crew he sent me. Tel whats what and be straight. You lie and you die, in bryan's book-he'll never do another thing for you.

He's the artist with the Marines in grav armor ("The definitive look for it"-MWM) poster. I'll forward your request/ pave the way-rest is up to you.

Snooze and you lose!

As ever was,
your servant,
Liam devlin
phydaux: I posted a merchant character I created using T20 Lite on the Adventurers board. Her name is Diana Staha. You can use her as either a PC or NPC in your demo. If you need more info on her gear or her available funds, let me know.
Thanks, I'll take a look at her.

Still need some more, though. Come on, people. SOMEONE must have a pile of characters they want to post.

I'm afraid if I make the characters myself, they'll all end up looking the same.
Originally posted by phydaux:
Hey Liam,

I tried that e-mail addy but it bounced. Yes, I DID delete the space between "Sababakrazny" and the @.

Can you foward him my e-mail?


I got the boomerang effect too. Hmm. I'll haveta call him LD...Atlanta Ga.