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T20 - Any Groups in near Dayton Ohio?

Originally posted by Jabbamagnus:
Got a few buddies that don't play as often as I'd like. None of us are very good at running a game.
Sorry I'm over on the other side of Columbus. I'm near Dayton at least twice a year (Advance the Colors and the Ohio Ren. Festival) but that's about it. I think there's a Soldiery near there and/or a store called the Tin Soldier(?) that might be a good spot for new players/a DM.

Suggest posting a note at your FLGS or one of the above and also checking with the owner/employees of such stores. It's in their best interest to get more people playing games.

There was one but it went out of business.

Tin Soldier, went out of business also. But some of the Soldiery crew resurrected it. It's now located in Centerville which is a southern suburb of Dayton.

Will be up your way this week. Origins...