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SOC-14 1K

B-8686C2-B-N G5v-10 1.05

System Data:
Primary: Alpha Sutekh; Spectral Class: G5v; Stellar Luminosity: .67; Stellar Radii:.91; Stellar Masses: .94; Habitable Planets: 1-Sutekh; Other Planets: (1) Meltdown, (2) Sutekh; (3) Hussar, (4) Lancer, (5) Banded (GG), (6) Belt, (7) Windy (GG), (8) Brownie (GG), (9) Cataphract, (10) Uhlan. The one asteroid belt in the system is rather rich in N-type asteroids. Brownie (8) is a “Brown Dwarf”, Banded (5) is controlled by the RSN/RSMM and is interdicted to all other traffic, attempted landing on Banded is a Capital Offense. There is an extensive amount of Orbital and spaceborne industry.

Planetary data:
Diameter: 8,000 miles (12,800 Km); Atmosphere: Terran Standard, slightly higher Argon content; Hydrosphere: 82%, two large continents, three large islands, numerous islands and archipelagos; Population: 7,982,350 as of Census of 600AE; Governmental Type: Charismatic Oligarchy, with democratic elements, there are good chances of upward mobility. The Cheval Family retains absolute Veto power of all governmental functions; Law Level: 2- Note all crimes committed with firearms are MANDATORY Death penalties; Tech Level: B- Actual tech level varies between 9 and 13. The Cheval family is rapidly upgrading the tech level of the planet. Gravity: 1.0G; Axial Tilt: 32% which causes slightly more extreme seasons, planet is generally cooler than Terra; Orbital Eccentricity: 0.0- VERY stable orbit; Year: 173.5202 Terran Standard Days; Racial Mix: Terran Human- 71%, Other Human- 20%, Aslan- 8%, others- 1%.

Climate and Biosphere
The climate is Terran, but generally 5-10 degrees Fahrenheit cooler, with more pronounced seasons due to the axial tilt. The year is much shorter than the Terran Standard Year, with a 28 hour day. Plant and animal lifeforms are generally edible by Terran Humans. There are no dangerous land species, but there are several dangerous carnivore species in the Oceans. One of the most dangerous is the Sutekh Shark, which while smaller than its Terran cousin, has a poisonous bite. Grapes have flourished well on Sutekh, and Vineyards have sprung up to take advantage of this.

Government and Local Customs:
The Government is listed as a Charismatic Oligarchy, but while it has limited representation at the upper levels, the local levels are a participatory democracy. The local Nobility has the confidence of the populace, since for the most part is it drawn from the populace. The Cheval Family controls 51% of the land area of the planet, and uses this to create “Steadings” for colonization. The Cheval family maintains the right started by Dorian Cheval I to have an absolute
Government and Local Customs (Cont’d)
veto over governmental votes and decisions. Civil Rights are stringently enforced by the Cheval Family, and innovation is encouraged at all levels of government and private life.

The people of Sutekh generally go armed, but not to the level of New Texans. They are all in some form of Militia unit, and a large percentage of the population is involved in some sort of space industry. Brightly colored uniforms are seen both in Civilian and Military life, and most of the population wears some sort of uniform. The populace is also as a general rule very well educated with 99.7% being completely literate, and over 72% holding some sort of a College degree. Robots are common and have pretty much taken over the role of menial labor in society. Most families own 3 or more robots. Sutekh has defense and trade pacts with Caledon, New Texas, Friedland, and the Imperium (Which bases a squadron at Sutekh)

The lifeblood of Sutekh is The Royal Sutekh Merchant Marine. The RSMM provides almost 82% of the governments income. There is no income tax, instead there are nominal sales taxes, lotteries, registration taxes on vehicles and robots, etc. The standard of exchange is the Imperial Crown.

Major Imports are: High Tech items from New Texas, and the Imperium, Caledonian Wool products, exotic woods, Caledonian Scotch and Irish Whiskeys, Friedlander Beer, Imperial Weapon systems and Medical systems. Major Exports are rare earth’s, Gold, Nickel-Iron, Platinum, Lanthanum, Wine, and Sea products. Sutekh Vacc Suits are renowned for their quality in the sector, and even the Imperial Navy used Sutekh made suits.

The Royal Sutekh Merchant Marine operates a fleet of 112 vessels, and are constantly expanding their size and operating range. The ubiquitous TRADEWIND class Merchant Frigate is also the same hull as the BURNING CROSS class Frigate. They carry small extremely valuable cargoes. The RSN and RSMM have been known to use berserk force to protect themselves and their factors from harm (and sometimes Competition).

Military and Law Enforcement:
No discussion of Sutekh would be complete without commenting on the Royal Sutekh Navy and Marine Corps. Small in numbers, but elite. All must serve a two year hitch in the Royal Sutekh Merchant Marine first before being allowed to transfer to the Navy. The Royal Sutekh Army is small but elite, and is equipped with the most high tech weapons and equipment available.Law Enforcement is provided by both the local municipal police and Sheriff Departments, and the Gendarmes De Elite. They are equipped to Imperial standard and then some. Totally ruthless, and capable. Almost the equal of the New Texas Rangers.

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I have placed it in the Reavers Deep sector in place of Brighton in the EA subsector. Post some worlds you have developed.