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Subspace drive conversion


I have been working on converting from the Travelller the New Era:Fire, Fusion, and Steel, the Subspace Drive, Radio, Sensors and such for my own Traveller universe. In some ways it decreases travel time between star systems but it requires alot of power. I have also been converting existing T20 starship designs to use the new drive. Without the need for fuel for the Jump Drive, there is more cargo space. However, the extra space is usually used for a larger powerplant, much larger. As soon as I finish my playtesting of the new technology, I will see about getting the file uploaded to here for everyone else to take advantage of. :D
LOL, you guys!

One of the projects I'm working on as time permits is an alternate tech Traveller's Aide PDF.

I'll have to post my alternate drive rules in the Moot sometime soon...

May be a bit of delay on the subspace drive. Thanks to a little punk son of one of my mother's friends %*&%$$*&%%# my computer up because he felt like diabling my anti-spyware, anti-virus and firewall all my notes are gone. Of course I charged his mother $200 for my time to fix my computer and undo the harm he caused to it.