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stupid question time

So it's been forever (10+ yrs) since I played. I never owned any of the material, but I know 1) it was a home-brewed, hybrid rule game, and 2) we were crew for/owned/somehow transported by Bayern, tooling around the galaxy.

So my stupid question is, what is the main difference between Traveller and 2300AD? I played a lot of Twilight2000 and understand that 2300AD is its future, but how does that relate to Traveller. Darker/lighter outlook? Harder/Softer SF? UFP or UN? Or oppressive/benign empire with/without Machiavellian, internecine hostilities between the Great Houses of the Landsraad (sorry)? Anything else that's important?

-call me Andy, dammit
2300 AD has a differant technological structure than Traveller. No jump drive, for instance, but instead there's the stutterwarp. Indeed, it's a completely separate universe. No Vilani, no Vargr, no Ancients.

More of a "realistic" level of technology. No artificial gravity, no anti-gravity. Starship combat was described as "hide-and-seek with bazookas"

Realisitic aliens, not just people in furry/slimy/rubber suits.

Even the political structure is quite recognizable, with many of today's nations setting up colonies on other planets.

Focus of the game was on exploration, and, later, combat, as the war with the Kafers became the centerpiece. Later dabbling in the cyberpunk fad were ill-conceived, but still workable.