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Strange Trade Classifications

Dear all
I'm seeking some help.
I am returning to Traveller after a long absence (TNE finally killed it off for me) and I am rebuilding my (mostly CT with some MT rules) campaigns & stuff.
However, I'm coming across a problem.
In several of the net-posted sectors, there are some trade classifications that I don't understand - these are;
C0 C1 C3 & C4 and
D1 & D4
I quote here from several sources, for the Spinward Marches;
Errere 0103 B263664-B Z C0 Ni Ri 910 Zh M1 V M4 D
Sansibar 0412 B200310-A Z D4 Lo Ni Va 701 Zh M3 V M3 D
Ucella 0532 D574654-7 C0 Ag Ni A 410 Cs F2 V M6 D
Calit 1515 C334867-7 C1 501 Im K9 V M5 D
Spirelle 1927 C766846-8 S D1 Ri 715 Im M4 V
Ivendo 2319 B324659-A A C0 Ni 112 Im A9 V
Hexos 2828 B534420-8 N C3 Ni 123 Im K1 V M2 D
Henoz 2912 A245543-B C0 Ag Ni 824 Im F3 D
Thornnastor 2940 D534443-8 S C1 Ni 804 Im M1 III
Vanejen 3119 C686854-5 C4 Ri 520 Im K1 V M0 D
Dojodo 3223 C512311-7 S C0 Lo Ni Ic 710 Im M5 V

Now, when I saw Vanejen there, I assumed Aha - the C4 must mean Imperial research Station. But unfortunately, looking at
Duale 2728 A5437BF-B Po 401 Im M2 V M0 7
Which is the home of RSAlpha, this proves not to be the case.
Can anyone enlighten me as to what these codes mean?

The Cn and Dn trade classifications mark the presences of Chirpers and Dryone respectivly. The n value marks a muliple of 10% of the planetary population which these creatures occupy. For example, a D4 indicates that about 40% of the population of that world is Dryone.

Chirpers are, if you are not aware, Dryone who don't caste. Which is to say, they never mature. They remain as pests, about as smart as chimpanzees, who can fly and turn invisible.

Dryone are their own problems.
They have used similar for planets with significant vargr and zho populations

I think the abreviatiosn were V and Zh respecitively

And don't forget the Aslan! They use A#, where # is the 10s of percent of the population. (Just like C# and D# noted above.)

Which is completely different from An, which notes a significant Ancients site.
First a canon note: Both AM5 and GURPS AR3 only have Andor and Candory as Droyne Worlds and Vanejen as a Chirper world.

Rest of post removed since it was wrong and I don't want to confuse others.
The Zh code is in the TNE regency sourcebook, and denotes those planets with significant zho refugees from the Empress Wave

Originally posted by BeRKA:
For Aslan worlds, the number behind the "A" is the Tlaukhu Bloc.

For "Vargr" Worlds the numbers could mean:
V1 First Fleet of Dzo
V2 Windhorn Pact of Two
V3 Third Empire of Gashikan
V4 40th Sqaudron
V5 Ruler of Five
V6 Assemblage of 1116
V7 17th Disjuncture
V8 Council of the Four-Pair
V9 Infinity League
V0 Akhorgh Seperate

You're confusing the codes in the remarks field and the allegiance codes. The A:#, C:#, D:#, and V:# codes in the remarks field does indeed tell what percentage of the total population that belongs to a culturally distinct group of beings of the species in question.

Yes Ranke, I was wrong. I was confusing the remarks field and the allegiance codes.

Sorry everyone. :(
Thank you everyone for that.
Just a quickie - where does it list this?
And I assume the following letters
A - Aslan
C - Chirper
D - Droyne
H - Hiver
K - K'Kree
V - Vargr
Z - Zhodani

Any particular reason why Chirpers are the only non-major race categorized? Because of their relationship with Droyne?

Thanx again