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Stoner Express question.

I'm in the process of reading through the Stoner Express adventure and had a question pertaining to charter rates.

On page 17, when discussing the payment the characters will receive for transporting 1 ton of cargo, the paragraph reads:
"Charter works out to cr900 per cargo ton, or cr 18,000 per week for 12 weeks. This is a total of cr 216,000....."

If the cargo weighs 1 ton, and the standard charter rate is cr 900 per cargo ton...then how is the amount of cr 18,000 arrived at per week? Is the cr 900 a per day fee and a week is longer than 7 days or am i missing something here?

Anyway thanks in advance for any assistance.

tmondragon :rolleyes:
Hi tmondragon,

I tried to check my copy but the search function seems brokenish in either my reader or the EA. It does work fine in another EA so it may be EA1, and I even downloaded a fresh copy. Anyway, from memory then...

I think it mentions somewhere in the EA that the charter is (as it should be) for the full cargo capacity of the ship, actually the full revenue capacity of the ship, cargo and passage, but as this is a Scout/Courier there is no legal passenger capacity so it's just the 20 tons of cargo capacity. That is where the numbers you see come from.

So even though the patron's cargo is less than a full ton they still pay for the full 20 tons capacity since they are chartering the ship.

I think this is supposed to be a sweet deal for the PC's because they could use the rest of the cargo capacity for freight or speculative cargo but I don't recall if the patron says that's ok or not.
Thanks Far-Trader, that makes sense. In fact i think it did mention something to that extent earlier in the adventure....i think the wording was a little confusing. Anyway thanks again for the help.