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Originally posted by trader jim:
where is the emperiors world - any stats - location - articals - building layouts, ect,ect???
The Emperor lives on Capital, in Core Subsector of Core Sector. Capital was originally known as Sylea.

Its stats are:
Capital 2118 A586A98-F Hi 605
There's a naval base and a scout Way Station there.

There was an article on Capital in an old issue of Travellers' Digest, but of course that is subject to the copyright problems that afflicts all DGP material. There are a few bits and pieces scattered around in other material, some of which might eventually appear in the Library Data on this website.

Alan Bradley
Digest #9 cover Capital in detail. I believe that Strephon (and the Alkhalikoi dynasty) have fiefs on lots of other worlds, but the Emperor spends much of his free time sailing the seas of Capital itself and only rarely travels off world.
Nothing actually neccessitates that the Emperor remain on Capital but tradition. For remember in the 3I, worlds govern themselves. I am sure that the Court can be easily transported to any number of worlds. Therefore, it is concievable that the Emperor would have palaces in important Domains and an entire worlds that would be on the Court circuit. There would be also all sorts of worlds to indulge the pleasures of the nobility. Would not one of these worlds serve as a personal retreat...perhaps one in the Gateway Domain (Hunter? ;) )
Originally posted by alanb:
The Emperor lives on Capital, in Core Subsector of Core Sector. Capital was originally known as Sylea.

Its stats are:
Capital 2118 A586A98-F Hi 605
Those are the stats for the Classic Era. They may or may not be the same in Milieu 1000. (Population could be stagnant or growing slowly enough that the pop multiplier doesn't change in interim; the government and the law level could also stay the same. The Imperium is just edging into TL 15 in 1000, and Capital could well be one of the worlds that has reached TL 15 (OTOH, the Imperium is edging into TL 16 in 1100 and Capital is still 'only' TL 15).

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Originally posted by plop101:
Yes, the Emperor lives on Capital.

But is that where he is from?
Odd that there's been no answer since that was posted . . .

I would say, yes. A high probability of both having been conceived and born within the Imperial Palace.
If his father was also the Emperor, then its likely he's from Capital as well. What are the stats for Emperor Stephon? Is he just a figure head or does he actually go on adventures? Since there is all this interest in him, why not come up with some stats for Stephon.
While Stephon was born on and ruled from Capital, Usdiki is "STREPHONS WORLD".

Its stats are:
Usdiki (1015 Gushemege) A6649EF-F