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Stellar Reaches

I am wondering if/wjhen the next issue might come out. I am eagerly looking forward to the next article about the "Empty Quarter".
Well, only because Brando is unavailable (RIP) :(

But how did this Sly - Stella thing start? Was it a SNL skit? Was it the scene in Rocky? (I don't recall it well, or his girlfriend's name, ah Adrien, not Stella)
Hehehe. I'm trying hard, guys, but I haven't had a day without work (except when I went out of town), including weekends, since Labor Day. I'm getting pretty burned out at work, but I still yearn to get Stellar Reaches out there for everyone. I've had a lot of submissions that deserve to see the light of day. I will do it as soon as I have the time.

Thank you for your continued interest and your understanding,
Sheesh! "Stella!" is from A Streetcar Named Desire (1951)! You guys need to get out more! (And Sly's thing was "Adrien!" from Rocky.)
Now now Fritz, chill, I know all that, but there is this "urban myth-esque" thing of Sly doing the "STELLLLA" thing. It's come up before so it's not just the Baron. I'm half convinced I've seen it myself so I'm wondering if he did it on SNL spoofing the possible homage to Streetcar in Rocky (the scenes seem similar from memory).
Well, don't know if there was supposedly some homage made in Rocky, but the scenes aren't really the same. (I seem to remember Rocky yelling "Adrien!" from the ring, but it's been a while....) Sorry, Dan, I just combined this with the "Girls playing Traveller" and a few other threads and assumed... ;)

Edit: Of course, this is what happens when we don't have our properly spaced fix of Stellar Reaches! Aaargh, Flynn! Which of your bosses do I have to have "Guido" talk to?! end edit
Flynn, take your time and deal with everything following from your Father's passing. Guido will be the big guy with the nice flowers. Take care. :(
Good Afternoon, All,

I have started working on Issue #3 again this last weekend, with the intention of having it ready and published before the end of this month (if not sooner). I'll try to post weekly updates on my progress, both for your edification and for my motivation to get it done. There will not be a central adventure in it, for which I apologize, but I hope that the other material (including a nice handful of Patron Encounters from our contest this last summer) will make up for that lack.

Thank you, One and All, for your understanding and support.
Looking forward to it, Flynn. Hope everything is going alright. If it isn't going to happen right now, just say so. We will understand.