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STAT THAT SHIP! PART 13- IL-288 Salamander Combat Shuttle

bryan gibson

Absent Friend
Codenamed by the TPDF Salamander ( interface craft or shuttles are prefixed with an "S") the dropshuttle is in every way the NR counterpart to a TPDF Pirahna.


Capable of offloading a platoon, or two squads and their AFVs, the Il 288 is brisk, reliable and rugged. Not as maneuverable or fast as the Pirahna, it is better armored and it can take impressive punishment and is rugged to a fault.

TL 10, 75 Dtons, +/- 10 percent

Image copyright Images Studio, 2006
Bryan, you're developing this primarily for Praesidium, but isn't that Margaret's emblem on the tail? Or am I mistaken?