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bryan gibson

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Just for fun, stat the character!

Any stats will do, anything goes...but see what the character depicted inspires in you.

Our first - Hanako.


Image copyright Bryan Gibson/Images Studio 2005
Just for fun, stat the character!

Any stats will do, anything goes...but see what the character depicted inspires in you.

Our Second - Suchita.


Image copyright Bryan Gibson/Images Studio 2005
Just for fun, stat the character!

Any stats will do, anything goes...but see what the character depicted inspires in you.

Our Third - Gurragghk.

Aroo roo!


Image copyright Bryan Gibson/Images Studio 2005
Images aren't working for #2 and #3...

Dunno why, but #1 screams "lady of the night" at me...
Actually, #1 reminds me of 'Tadaima', a GURPS Cyberpunk character of mine from a few years back. Unfortunately I don't have the stats to hand at the moment. I do remember she had a concealed gauss needler in her left forearm, though ...
Image no. 1 is perfect for a character I put up for a play-by-[ost campaign that never really got off the ground. Shaarnii was a Naasirka (though this may have been changed to Sharushiid) executive in her late thirties, a specialist troubleshooter for the megacorporation who came to the fore in the early stages of the Rebellion.

She normally appeared to be a 19 year old full of naïve excitement whilst ensuring the job was done properly.

To the other pc's this is who they were working with.

Shaarnii, my character, is fresh on the job, brand new to corporate life and looking to impress anyone. She is easily impressed by spacers as she has little experience off world. She is proud of Vilani traditions but not hidebound by them.

She is eager to learn and will happily ask many questions but tries hard not to be intrusive as she understands that unrestricted learning is against tradition. Her dress sense is ridiculously juvenile at times and it seems that she could do with learning to grow up a little.
But this is what they were really up against.

Shaarnii Guliikaan
Age 38 (apparent age 18)
UPP 7B7895
Merchant Station Head (04-Admin)
5 terms
Skills: admin 4; liaison 3; broker 2; computer 2; gambling 1; electronics 1; gravitics 1; handgun 1; vacc suit 1; bribery 1; brawling 1; streetwise 1.

Appearance- 1.55m tall with black hair and light brown skin. Her hair is long and glossy but constantly in childish bunches, pig tails or the latest schoolgirl fashion to emphasise her youthful appearance. Gold coloured eyes remind people of her vilani heritage. She is of slight build and her flat vilani hips add to the prepubescant look.

Background- recruited by Naasirka from her family into the mercantile caste from her homeworld of Akon (Vland 2637) Shaari wandered from sale to purser to engineering before finally settling in the admin department. There she received her first managerial work at which she excelled and found herself passing all exams she took and rose to Station Head in just six years. With the recall of Vilani assets her admin and planning skills have been fundamental in the smooth recovery of personnel and capital from outside the Ziru Sirkaa’s borders.

Atitude- Shaarnii is extremely proud of her vilani heritage and will constantly bemoan the demise of strong vilani values. She is happy to manipulate anyone that thinks they can exploit her. To this end she plays on her apparent youthfulness and naivety to the full but when it comes to playing hard ball she is pure diamond. She knows that she is always right and that if most men could see past her chest they would know too. Female competitors and underlings get an even harder time than most men.

Posession tbc
Muster out tbc
A big sorry to Kafka and the others for the deceit they nver uncovered (I think)
If I had a quid for every neat plot twist my players never uncovered ... :rolleyes:
Hanako (#1)
UPP: A9B7A7 HomeWorld: StarPort=C, Size=Large, Atmos=Standard, Hydro=Wet
Population=High, Law=Moderate, Tech=Average Stellar
Age: 26 Terms: 2
Career: Rogue Rank: None
Skills: Jack-of-all-Trades-2, Streetwise-2, Disguise-1, Medical-1, Tactics-1, Computer-0, Grav Vehicle-0, Handgun-0
Cash: 50000 Cr Pension: 0 Cr/Year
Benefits: Traveller's
Kiko Tekada
Kiko is tiny and appears to be just out of her teens. She usually carries a hidden blade and has quick eyes and often a worried expression on her face. She can be found living in a seedier section of startown. She refuses to go aboard starships or into space. She often runs brokerage deals at a shady warehouse out of startown. Although not a gambler she can have none, some or lots of credits as she speculates on cargoes.

UPP: 6C8989-5 Age 32 Apparent Age 18
Merchant Sector Lines Terms 2 Sales Dept Rank: O3 Broker
Free Traders 1 Term Rank: O2 Third Officer
Skills: Blade-3, Broker-2, Carousing-1, Computer-1, Handgun-1, Liaison-2, Linguistics-1, Observation-1, Stealth-2, Steward-1, Trader-1, Unarmed MA 1, Zero G CBt-1, Zero G Wpns-1

Appearance: mixed Solomani/Vlani Human, Hair Dark, Eyes Gold, Height 1.59 m Weight 49 kgs
Estranged daughter of Adriana and Leopold Tekada. Cousin of Oswyn Tukera. Kiko was born on Vanejen and lived there for the first 17 years of her life. She has not been back there since.
As a child she hung around the small starport until a large merchant ship came and she received passage on a bulk freighter bound for Rhylanor. At Rhylanor she enlisted in Tukera Megacorp. A member of the Merchants Caste Kiko was recruited by Tukera Sales Dept.
She joined the Sales Dept and served well for two terms however (as unlikely as it seems) she transferred down to fledgeling line late during her second term. Kiko speaks Gangelic, and a local startown dialect (mixture of Chinese, Japanese, English, Spanish), and understands Vargr merc parlance.
She enlisted in March Lines (while they had just 4 ships commissioned during her third term and served aboard one of the Harriers as a Deck Hand and occasionally an Assistant Steward. Later she was commissioned and promoted to Third Officer when it was discovered that she was a skilled broker and acted as a shore liaison finding both cargos and passengers for the Harrier. She appeared happy in her new job however she was hiding a secret. She was still working for the Tukera family (if not the Megacorp) as an industrial spy.
She has contacts in the Vargr Corsairs, Tukera, and March Lines. Kiko was spying on Oberlindes Lines when she was doublecrossed by her Tukera Handler. She was forced to kill him with her blade and is now on the run from the law and Tukera. She booked passage to another system where she has remained until this day.
Killing her handler has resulted in Kiko developing a phobia of interplanetary travel. Kiko does not like starships or interplanetary travel (she knows how far Tukera’s influence ranges) preferring to keep both feet firmly on the ground. She sometimes employs Vargr Mercs as guards for her business dealings.
Speed Racer's younger sister

Here we go...I'll blend a few Attributes together...take what you like, discard the rest:

Keiko Wantanabe
  • Str: 5
  • Int: 9
  • Wis: 6
  • Edu: 5
  • Dex: 10
  • Ale: 8
  • Vit: 6
  • End: 6
  • Soc: 4
  • Cha: 9
  • Com: 10

Runaway on a tramp freighter...father has ambassadorial ties, but spent precious time with his daughter. Mother died when she was very young and has lived by her wits these past few years, taking passage where she can get it. What she can't afford...and that's quite a bit, she steals.

Streetwise: 2; Negotiate: 2; Blade: 1; ; Stealth: 1; Computer: 1
Just for fun, stat the character!

Any stats will do, anything goes...but see what the character depicted inspires in you.

Our first - Hanako.

Service: Other
UPP: 595985
Str 5, Dex 9, End 5, Int 9, Edu 8, Soc 5
Age 26
2 terms
Sreetwise-1, Forgery-1, Jack-of-all-Trades-1