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Starship Models

Spinward Scout

SOC-14 5K

Has anyone made any models of the Sulieman Scout/Courier? Does anyone know where I could find something like this? I'd love to get my hands on a model of the scout.


Scout...you are SUCH a scout. In my spare time (???!??), I made a computer model of the Venerable Type-S....else, don't know.

<<<What scale?>>>

How about a 1:1 scale? : ^ ) Seriously, though, something you could put miniatures next to or make a nice diorama out of. The guy (can't remember his name offhand) that's doing the computer rendered graphics for GURPS Traveller and BITS covers could probably have his renders output to a solid medium - like they are doing for characters in the next Star Wars movie. They digitally scan the actors using a laser, then, through some process, they are able to create an exact model of the person.


<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by ScoutCadet469:
<<<What scale?>>>

How about a 1:1 scale? : ^ )

Actually, a friend and I are still looking for the ideal spot locally to use safety cones and police tape (or whatever) to lay out a Type S interior at full size. We're gonna park a large car next to it (or in the vehicle bay) for scale. "Ideal" in this case means large enough to do this with a handy close method to get elevated above it for picture taking...
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Actually, I did find one model, but it was made out of cardboard.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Did you find this on the web? If so, might you provide a URL?

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by ScoutCadet469:

Has anyone made any models of the Sulieman Scout/Courier? Does anyone know where I could find something like this? I'd love to get my hands on a model of the scout.


I've got the hull sections of a S.W. Impeial Stardestroyer that I saved after some kids broke into my home & destroyed my model room. Fourtately I haddn't put it together yet, but I lost a lot of parts & decide instead of trashing it I'd use it to make a Scout/Courier model. I haven't gotten far with it yet.not much time after work on it. Hopefully I'll get to it soon.

I've scratch built some Traveller models; most of these can be seen at the Starship Modeler website run by John Lester and Rob Caswell: http://starshipmodeler.com/index.htm

These are my examples, scratchbuilt and two RAFM mini's:
Rampart fighter http://starshipmodeler.com/gallery/contest2/entry17.htm

Patrol Cruiser http://starshipmodeler.net/contest4/ss_k02.htm

Free Trader http://starshipmodeler.net/contest4/ss_s11.htm

Donosev class Scout http://starshipmodeler.net/contest4/ss_k03.htm

These are by other folks:
Standard Scout http://starshipmodeler.net/contest4/ss_s07.htm

SDB http://starshipmodeler.net/contest4/ss_s06.htm

Rock & Pebble http://starshipmodeler.net/contest4/ss_s20.htm

I don't know of anyone making kits of the ships - if there was adequate interest, I'd consider looking into it. Garage resin model kits is the only feasible way to go - and opening price of unassembled, unpainted would be around $55.00 USD.

And that doesn't include getting permission to use established Traveller designs! If I were to get serious about doing Traveller kits, I'd want them to be offically approved.

Joe Brown
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Fulacin Highport:
I've scratch built some Traveller models;

Donosev class Scout http://starshipmodeler.net/contest4/ss_k03.htm


Nifty stuff. I thought this one was particularly cool.

$55 for a model kit? Might be a bit out of my range. You should definitely get the stamp of approval if you do it if for no other reason than to keep G. Lucas off your case over the Scout. (I still wonder how anybody can take seriously an empire that calls a type S a destroyer

I am increasingly of the opinion that RPGs are by the nature of their creation subjective phenomenon. due to the interaction between game designers, game masters, and game players all definitions, rules, settings, and adventures are mutable in acordance with the uncertainty principle as expounded by Heisenburg. This is of course merely my point of view.

David Shayne
Thanks for the compliment!

Concerning pricing of resin kits...
Death Glider from Stargate ($120.00): http://starshipmodeler.com/events/ipms2k1/sf_tm_glider.JPG

TAC Fighter from Starship Troopers ($140.00) http://starshipmodeler.com/other/jb_tac.htm

WarHawk Fighter from season 2, Buck Rodgers http://starshipmodeler.com/events/wfest2k1/veh_jb_hawk_o.jpg

I looked into getting my scatchbuilt model made as a resin kit, and discovered some unsettling numbers:
One mold, capable of producing the model ~ 40 times.
One resin production run, producing 20 kits, plus shipping to me:

At best, I was mediocre at Econ in college. But, if the planned first production run of 20 sells, minus 3 review copies, at $75 each, I (theoretically!!) should realize $1275.00.

My costs:
cost write-off. I have NO clue how to estimate my time spent on this!

Kit production by reputable firm:

bundle of 100 : 29.00

Instructions / Painting Guide:
$10.00 (?)

Color box art / painting guide:
$15.00 (?)

Brass wire for stands:
$10.00 (?)

Wood bases:
$10.00 (?)


I start to see why kits cost so dang much!

I still need to pin down the all costs of the (?) items, but it looks scary.
The profit (profit? you call that a profit?) of 650 would go to finance the 2nd production run, which, theoretically, would kill this RTV mold off dead. Any leftovers, and I'd buy my wife some roses with it. I hope.

Joe Brown
Y'know, judging from the comments and interest, there might be enough interest to try to get a little model-building forum going, to get tips and tricks of building full-scratch models out to those who have never built one.

As for me, I've sculpted in the past, both in miniature (metal) and for the resin & vinyl cast markets. Joe's right... it's tough to get into, damn hard to make a profit (well, initially anyway), and extremely difficult to achieve the level of Master Modelsmith (and I won't mention what it takes to become a Grandmaster). For my background, I initially started by sculpting for Rafm, and was the sculptor behind the their Traveller minis and early Heavy Gear models. I moved on to work as a model builder for Revell, F/X builder for StormWerks, and mecha sculptor for G-Port (Japan). I've worked in scales ranging from 35mm to 1:20000 scale. The largest model I ever constructed stood 2.5 ft tall and stretched 8.5 ft in length (my version of the rebel frigates from Star Wars... It's currently collecting dust hanging from my garage's rafters).

Currently, I'm building two models: a Zaku from Mobile Suit Gundam outfitted for desert warfare (1:72 scale), and the huge gun that Decker used in the movie Blade Runner (1:1 scale).

Hmmm. I've been lurking around for about two weeks, reading all the posts I could, as far back as I could - didn't want to chime in sounding like a newbie

From what I've seen, there's not a huge amount of interest in solid, physical models of Traveller starships/shuttles/vehicles. The GenCon for sci-fi modeling is Wonderfest, held every June in Louisville, Kentucky, and I've talked with a bunch of sci-fi modelers there who all complain that there are no Traveller models. Does that indicate lots of interest or potential demand?

Not really - it's a very specialized convention, and you can find folks who want all sorts of limited-demand models... but in small enough quantities that no kit-maker will touch 'em, because of the set-up prices involved.

So that leaves us with kit-bashing exisiting models together into something that resembles a Traveller ship, or scratchbuilding which most folks think is too hard or too involved to attempt (it's not, but this is not the place to go into that).

If you ARE interested in sci-fi model building, here are two of the best sites on the 'Net:
The Starship Modeler website: http://starshipmodeler.com/index.htm

CultTvMan's website: http://culttvman.com/index2.html

Both sites have message boards, and both sites cover an extremely wide range of sci-fi modeling, from Trek to Traveller(well, Traveller in only very small amounts)!

Joe Brown
Anyone feeling adventurous in model building?

There should be a number of interesting designs entered, including my long-delayed Azhanti High Lightning model.

Traveller players who also build models are (of course!) aware of the fact that we have a wealth of capitol ship designs to choose from, giving us a potential advantage over those single genre (Trek or Galactica) snobs.

Anyone tried building a Kokirrack-class dreadnaught? Now'd be a good time to try!

Joe Brown
The contest is offically on-line, deadline of the beginning of April:

I'm half-done working on my Kokirrak class dreadnaught. The finished model should be about 15 inches long... my estimated scale of that ship is 1/2500. I chose that scale to mess with the guys who only build the kits of the Enterprise

Joe Brown
Sorry to hear you didn't get it done in time, since I didn't get busy myself and enter one I was hoping to at least vote for somebody else's "Traveller" model. Some of the competition might have been a TL beyond my humble shipyard though, definitely worth a look.

You might also want to check out http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Dunes/8426/traveller/intro.html
This guy has made a beautiful model of a converted Type S, click his Type J link, I'm inspired again. I ran across this in a post on the TAS boards http://www.jtas.org/ certainly worth a look too if you haven't yet. It started in the TAS Lounge > Traveller Models thread.