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Starship Combat Questions

In the basic starship combat section it says that firing a weapon on a starship is all full round action. If this is so, how do small one man ships like starfighters engage in combat? Does this mean they can't perform any mauevers in a round (other than fly straight which is a free action) in which they plan to fire weapons?

Are there rules for being both the pilot and the gunner on a small (under 50 tons) starship?
Starfighters would have fixed mounted weapons not turrets. There for, moving you ship and targeting your weapon are essentially the same action.
There are no specific rules in the book for small craft, but I have house ruled it as such:

Weapons in a fixed position can be fired as a standard action. i.e. you can move and then fire.

Weapons in a turret require the full round action.

This works for fighters with fixed mounts and turrets that have been locked into a forward position. Mind you on a starship, if you are the lone pilot it's almost better to let the computer fire while you perform evasion actions. ;)
Keep in mind that while your pilot is doing a full round action of evasive manuevering, your gunners are doing their full round actions of blasting away at things... Very few ships have a crew of one!