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Starfall contributors


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As many of you know, the Starfall project was in the works with QLI for several years before I took it solo. I've asked this before but... if anyone (other than Megan, who wins the 'I responded firstest and mostest' award) submitted anything to this project I need to hear from them.

Some people have complained that they were not in the credits... fact is, the contributor list was lost long ago and my attempt to reconstruct it met with mixed success. If you wrote and want a listing, mail me with what you contributed please.

Thanks for asking. I worked on the Arnigi odd jobs, and my name properly appeared in the credits, although I never received payment (but it hasn't been published yet has it?).

I'd happily waive payment for a hardcopy if one was ever produced - or at least a single PDF. At the moment I've got them as 23 separate PDFs.

I submitted the info on the dolfins as a race, and did the NPCs.

Hope this helps,
Jason "Flynn" Kemp
Hi, Martin. I've been away from the forum for a very long time, and just came back recently. I wrote up the the Overview for Starfall itself (history, geography, planetary maps, etc) and one of the other worlds as well. I'll have to dig out the drafts to get the details.

I'd love to hear how the project's going, and to catch up with you.


Paul Nemeth