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Star Frontiers vs Classic Traveller ships


Over at my blog I have a little item looking at how the sizes of Star Frontiers vessels compare to Traveller ships. I would put the info up here, but I'm not sure how to format my chart. Here's a link if anyone wants to check it out.
I agree, however, compared to other Star Frontiers ships, the battleship is very powerful. I imagine if the SF developers were trying to make their ships comparable to Traveller, they would have added a lot more weapons.
I suspect that there was little to no consideration of Traveller...

The advanced design sequences (In dragon) seem reflective of traveller, but the basic SF:KH design sequence does not.

first off, i've just bookmarked your blog. i like it.

second off, i now have an excuse to break out my old SF stuff. i haven't looked at it in a looong time. (LaSenora thinks i need to get rid of it. the short answer was, 'no.')