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Picked up a copy of Star*Drive Campaign setting at the Con this weekend. Looks very Traveller like. Does anyone know more about the merits and drawbacks of this particular line? Which products should I buy to supplement a Traveller Campaign? What are the stinkers? etc.
Both Alternity Player's Book and Gamemaster's Book are great - except I don't like the system itself. Great ideas, tho. As well as the Starships (mostly if you like to tinker with the Traveller Starship paradigm), Dataware (for Computers and Robots), and Mindwalking (if you like Psionics) books. The Alternity Star*Drive Campaign setting is also included with the d20 Future system - if you like d20. But I haven't found a conversion yet. The Star*Drive campaign itself was unique. Interesting, but a little boring. All in all, a good line, but flawed by its cumbersome dice system. Think along the lines of GURPS Space - more of a build your own campaign with the Alternity line. I hear Dark*Matter was good, tho.

It was looking for add-ons to Alternity via the web that lead me to the CotI forums, alomst three years ago now.

There are quite a few things from Alternity that I have borrowed.

Some of the Starship tech, and the Beyond Science supplement, add to the very high TLs, and the Outbound surcebook has some interesting stuff for scouts and explorers.

Oh, and I fit the Traveller TLs within the Alternity/d20F Progress Level framework.

I also found the actual system a bit odd, but the Star*Drive setting is interesting, especially the Threats from Beyond and the Externals (pdf only).
Sigg, as I far as I know the line is dead, do you know where I could find PDFs of the products you mentioned.
Damn, I passed over it thinking that it looked too cheesy and B5ish, and already having the B5 RPG...don't need another. I usually use Drive Through...so when I did not see it there...thanks Sigg.
If you're thinking of using the Alternity rules for a Traveller campaign, there was a Dragon article by Steven Kenson that had a short conversion of the major races and other conversion notes in issue 270.