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The Traveller d20 character example mentions stamina. It does not tell you how it is calculated. On p.150 it mentions Stamina as a rules addtion. However, I've checked the Star Wars core rulebook, the d20 Modern rulebook and the DND Players Handbook core rulebook with no mention of stamina. How is it calculated and modified? While I'm at it, any help on the lifeblood rule would also be appreciated.


Stamina is Vitality and Lifeblood is wounds. There are some differences between the T-20 system and the d20 Star Wars system, but the above equation will give you the correct values for both.

Stamina is your 'D&D' hit points. Based on class type and level and modified by your CON bonus. See p35 THB. I see it in T20 as a measure of how much 'blunt trauma' a character can take before being incapacitated. Lifeblood is taken from your CON stat directly, and is how much real damage your character can take before dying.
And yes, you can have 90 Stamina points and only 16 Lifeblood point.

Only means that you'll stay awake 'till you die, or that in a fist fight you'll stay up much longer than those with only 20 stamina points.

Won't help though if someones draws a blade and plant it firmly 'tween your shoulders...