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Squadron Strikes Playtest and Teaching Games

Teaching game of Squadron Strike: Traveller tomorrow at 1pm ET. (1700 GMT/UTC)

Solomani Rim War playtests at the same time. Should be another set of games of "The Imperium Strikes Back." The play balance is getting fine-tuned, so we shouldn't see blowouts. Trying to shoot up a space station that's orbiting a moon at 3 hexes per turn is an interesting challenge.

"Open fire!"

"Oops. The station's behind the moon ..."

Most likely, two Madrid CLs (Fighting Ships of the Solomani Confederation) vs. Midu Agashaam DDs (CT Supplement 9, etc., etc.).

Teaching game signup https://vtt.mikezekim.com/events/event/18-traveller-teaching-game

"The Imperium Strikes Back" signup https://vtt.mikezekim.com/events/event/19-the-imperium-strikes-back

You have to register so that they can keep bots out.

No need to buy the game or anything. Teachers on hand!