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Spinward Ho! Update


Hello, everyone!

Just an update about Spinward Ho! I've had to push the date for the first issue back a few weeks, for two reasons. The first is that 'real life' is beginning to intervene, and I shall shortly (fingers crossed) be starting a new job. The second is articles; I still do not have enoguh. We've got some great stuff in so far; please keep it coming!

Richard Tongue,
Editor, Spinward Ho!
What else do you need? I've got a couple of short things and a long adventure that I could quickly write up. Any suggestions as what you are looking for, and in what format?

The Spinward Ho! page hasn't been updated in a while it seems nor has Richard Tongue posted here in a while, both since about early June. I'm thinking Real Life and a lack of enough articles has put this on the back back burner. :( Anyone heard anymore?

I'm in the same position. I've sent him another article a few weeks back, and no response. I hope he's okay.

Looking forward to it, should it come to pass,
A further update:

Casey's assertion is pretty much correct; I still have only enough articles for about half an issue - I need about another 10,000 words worht of material. If anyone has sent me emails and not gotten a reply, I apologise - I've been having difficulties with my email.

To my knowledge, Security Leak hasn't published anything in ages - rather a shame as it is a good magazine. As for content; anything Traveller related would be excellent.

One thing I can say is that there will be a special on the 'Outrime Void'. Essays on the Imperial 1014th (Egryn) fleet, and the defence policies of the Belgarian Sojourn and the Senlis Foederate, complete with ship statistics.

From the Spinward Ho! page, in answer to robject's question on what he's looking for:

...anything on any type that you send in will be considered for publication. Adventures, rules suggestions, setting detail, landgrabs, even short stories are fine for the magazine.
I think I might try my hand at something small like a patron encounter,

Good morning, All,

From what I understand, it's still 10,000 words shy of being ready to go, which is about 13 pages of material, from what I understand.

Anybody with anything of interest to submit, please do so. I think a great article or series of articles might be ones that focus on creating ATUs, or presenting your own ATU to the general public. I'm sure ships, robots, vehicles and animal encounters would be cool, too, and those are reasonably short.

Okay, hoping that helps,
Good afternoon, All,

I submitted a 5000 word article to Richard this morning in support of Spinward Ho!, so we're at least halfway there. I'll probably write up a short adventure next, statted for both T20 and CT. I don't know the final size of the adventure article, but I figure every little bit helps.

Still hoping to see this fanzine concept fly,