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Sovereign Games

I have dealt with these gentlemen, actually, it is a sole propetorship, so gentleman. Found them very effecient and effective. However, that was back before IG was even producing T4. I would use the contact us to find out what's up. Sorry that I couldn't be of more help. Great games that FASA produced for Traveller.
I bought a copy of everything they had a few years back ... great service, everything in perfect condition. I don't think they have that much stock left, but I'd recommend them without hesitation.
About 10 months ago, I contacted the guy via email. I asked him if he still had that "Mint Copy" of FASA's out-of-print Adventure Class Ships Volume II. He responded back right away and said that he did have a few copies left.

So I ordered it right away. And he sent it to me within a week. I paid a very LOW price of about $20 for it. He even gave free shipping back at that time. In fact, the going rate for FASA's long out of print deckplans set is probably about $50-70 on eBay?

So I obtained a shrinkwrap Mint Copy of the boxed set of FASA deckplans for Classic Traveller.... for only $20. In the year 2006. Something which is a very rare collectors items, and very gorgeous original set of Traveller deckplans. Suffice to say, I got the deal of a lifetime. Mwahahahahaha!

My advice? Email him first and ask him if he still has in stock what you're interested in. In my experience, he is an honest dealer.
I dealt with Sovereign Gamnes in the past (though it has been about 2 years ago) & found them very reliable. I replaced a few of my lost FASA books (which I've had to sell since). I recommend the company.

Originally posted by alte:
Anyone had any recent dealings with these people?

http://www.sovereigngames.com/ does claim to have mint copies of various FASA Traveller publications.

However there is little on the site to indicate any recent updates so I am slightly wary about ordering from them.