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Some comments from D20 Star Wars players

I was one of those posting on the that thread, albeit off-topic.

Yeah, there's a load of errata for d20 Star Wars. That's inexcusable for a company like Wizards. I wrote it all into my copy of the book.

Anyway, d20 Star Wars is actually a good game that has had to suffer due to a game company's impatience.

They did miscalulate when it came to starship combat - it's in there, but it's a system that I'm not thrilled with at all, and neither are many others. This is probably the most glaring mistake in the whole system. They're trying to alleviate it by using the Silent Death system for starfighter combat; it can be found in Star Wars Gamer magazine. But, it should've been in the core book from the get-go.

Strip away all the Star Wars-specific stuff, and you'll find the base for a "generic" scifi d20 system.

Multiclassing, feats, and skills all combine pretty well to make for unique, flexible characters. Still, those who really dislike level-based systems probably won't like it.

Can it be used for Traveller? I think so. DrSkull has already shown that it can be done. Will it maintain the "feel" of Traveller? That's what's problematic. I really did love Classic Traveller, but it had a distinct "feel" to it, one far removed from that of Star Wars - which is the only scifi d20 we've seen so far from a major player, Wizards itself.

Traveller is much closer to "nuts 'n' bolts" or "hard" scifi in tone than it is to the wahoo-space opera tone of Star Wars. Can d20 handle both kind of scifi?

I think it can. Slow down level progression, use the NPC classes (lower-powered classes that could actually be quite effective in a more rp-intensive campaign) instead of the PC classes, and I think the system could begin to fit the Traveller milieu a bit better.

Just my 2 cents.

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