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Solomani Ships on the Net


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As the Solomani navy (both military and civilian) is a point of interest to me, I've decided to look for the work of others in the field, for three reasons: First, I don't want to step on anyone's toes or reinvent the wheel; second, I welcome the insights and inspirations gained by reviewing others' viewpoints of on the same subject; and third, I wish to allow our fellow Confederate citizens access to the finest and most diverst designs in our space.

So here's the ones I've found so far.

- Lone Gunman-class Merchant, T4, by the Gilgamesh Shipyards (unknown author)
- Interstel I-1102 Solomani Scout, TNE (?), by By Chris Cox, Micheal Bailey and Lawrence C. Cox.

I'd be grateful for more pointers and links in this direction.
After all these years I'm still impressed by Chris Cox's deckplans. I also recall that in 1995, his 3D renders were some of the best on the net. IIRC these are TNE designs.
I'm just working on my own designs for T20 :) My Solomani game is almost up and running, and ship design is somethign that I really enjoy.