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Solomani Fugitive

Spinward Scout

SOC-14 5K
Here's a character a friend & I brainstormed about. This is who he's going to play in my game. We're going to keep it secret (he'll use the alias) from the other two players for as long as we can. I haven't filled in the star systems yet.



Bol Inmula (a.k.a. Al Johnson, and others) – Solomani Fugitive & Interstellar Celebrity
Bol Inmula was born on the Solomani colony world of XXXXX. He was raised under the strict regime of the Solomani Party. Bol was a fast track kid heading up in the party when a prank gone wrong had him sent to the penal colony only known as 2601. Not long after his 18th birthday, hostilities broke out with the Sni’Pes Hegemony (called Snipes by the Solomani), a Minor Alien race along the Rim. The Solomani policy of conscripting from the penal colony worked well in Bol’s favor, as his aptitude tests qualified him for Starfighter Flight School – most conscripts end up as plasma fodder. Finishing school at the top of his class, and with honors, no less, Bol was picked for flying the prototype Bagger-class Hunter Starfighter. Even though he still got in trouble from time to time, after becoming a war hero for his efforts at the Battle of Caffo Te, Bol was picked for a special assignment – from the second in command of the Solomani Party! When the assignment went bad, killing the first Sni’Pes peace conference, Bol decided that discretion was the better part of valor, and disappeared, along with the prototype Starfighter. Now publicly, both the Solomani and the Sni’Pes blamed this “unfortunate incident” on Bol, but an Imperial spy actually recorded the incident and released it to the Imperial News Networks. Bol was attacked by a Sni’Pes fighter AND a Solomani fighter – most likely from factions that didn’t want the war to end. In defending himself, Bol took out the Solomani fighter, but it crashed into the peace conference, killing delegates from both sides of the conflict. Fleeing agents of the Solomani Confederacy, who put a 1,000,000 Cr price on his head, AND agents of the Sni’Pes Hegemony, who also have a 1,000,000 Cr warrant for his capture, Bol crossed over into the Imperium.
Bol has gained an incredible reputation since coming into Imperial Space. He has been “seen” all across the Imperium: from the Vilani homeworld, to the edge of the Verge, and back to the Capitol to have dinner with the Emperor. Rumors and “sightings” of Bol pop up all over Known Space. “Bol Lives” can be seen scrawled on the sides of buildings and bathroom walls. There has been a “Save Bol” Foundation set up in the Domain of Sylea. Groupies (mostly women) have been known to cross hundreds of parsecs just for a glimpse of Bol. Solomani Secret Police and Sni’Pes Internal Security agents are said to have crossed into Imperial Space in search of Bol. Conspiracy theorists in the Rim consider him a great hero. He is the second most recognizable face in the Imperium, that is, when he isn’t wearing a disguise (the first being the Emperor, of course). The Space Tabloids print an article about him on a weekly basis – especially when he punches one of them out for taking his picture. There is talk of an upcoming sitcom holovid called “Bol On The Loose.” Interstellar Publishing wants to write his biography, if he isn’t willing to write it himself. Rich and lonely women want to marry him. The Imperium would like to get their hands on him for various reasons, mostly due to the prototype ship he flies in. The Emperor proclaimed at a News Conference at Capitol that if Bol turned in the prototype to the Imperium, he would be granted full and immediate Imperial citizenship. The only thing is, the Imperium doesn’t know where Bol is either. Everyone wants to know his side of the story. He is a hunted man – a fugitive.
Bol has actually had to leave his ship with a fungus farmer on XXXXX for the time being as bounty hunters and Solomani spies would recognize it instantly. Bol is currently hiding out at an asteroid mine in the Regina system in the Spinward Marches. Being “Behind the Claw” may keep him safe for a while.
Tommy Lee Jones coming to get this Son of B**ch back in jail where he belongs. You must be really looking forward to GURPS Traveller Bountry Hunters, eh?