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Solomani Fleet Vessels???

Greetings all,

So far I have seen quite a bit on the commen Imperial shipping, if sumone could point me in the direction of the ship used during the War of Imperial Aggression I would appreciate it..

also on a second note any where to find the Solomani equivlent of Grav's and Batttledress of the time??


There are ships on GT's 101 starships of Solomani design; Access via www.downport.com/Freelance traveller/Shipyard.

Gets my 5 star rating!

There are Solomani ships on
www.downport.com /BARD/SARA files (MT/Tne era).

Also good stuff, 5 star rating!

Plenty to find there, Daniel W. (My first name and midle initial btw...mundanely)
Deck plans, talk to
Tanuki, Takei, and others on this list!
Who get my 5 Star rating as well...)

The Screen Name was in the wrong place to start with..

Thanks for the information... Am playing a retired one in the new game we started last week..

Thanks again

Dan, yer welcome. Those are the top two sites on my bookmark listing, followed by Antony's Skaran/Banners site. Excellent resources all. Pleased to make yer acquaintance, again,
at your service,

heretically yours,
Wowzer, no half measures on your resurrect thread talents are there Murph ;)

Been away for a bit haven't you? Good to see you back. Might I presume from the theme of your necromancy that you have something Solomani afoot?

There's a Solomani Navy Traveller's Aide in the pipe that might be of interest when it surfaces. That may be a while though, Hunter has been having some trouble so things here are on hold until his life is back to normal. You can find the latest on that on the home page.
I was looking for the same information myself, but for slughtly different reasons - for a basis of my Unity of Gaia OTU-variant (post-Rebellion, post-Black War, but no Virus; former Solomani Rim Sector).

All in all, I love the Solomani; despite all their faults (such as having a quasi-fascist state with varying degrees of racism), they are far more dynamic than the stagnant 3I.