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Solomani Cuisine: 57th century


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Note: My original inspiration for Yoshi's Bar and Grill was from the old TAS website, and to the GURPS Traveller folks and their idea of "Brubecks". Credit is given where credit is due.

Yoshi's Sushi Bar & Grill was created as a hangout for the player characters in my Terra Incognita online CT campaign. I'm sharing it here for other rimward campaigns to adopt if they wish. And I blame Murph for starting the current rampage of pro-Solomani sentiments on these forums. Hahaha!


Makes me hungry, I was thinking of Sushi tonight. Tekka Maki, Kappa Maki, and Uni. I love sushi.
Yes. Since the story is that a Vilani aristocrat was responsible for financing the original Yoshi's franchise during the Rule of Man.... it's a good assumption that the sushi franchise and appeal has reached Vland as well.

Vilani connoiseurs of sushi would likely prefer their own localized sushi.... and probably would not think highly of California Rolls.