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solo games #2

trader jim

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i would like to work up a "package" of solo list/charts - random encounter lists. we have an outstanding set on our web site, here, but i would like a lot more lists, need weather and terrain generators, and anything else useful. when i finish gathering these list and generators i am going to TRAVELLERIZE THEM. QUESTION - can you help. are there any web sites you know of that have these, that i can check out?? looks like a good project!! thanx
The Dungeon Master's Guide for the 1st edition of AD&D had a section for creating random dungeons and I think it had some for other random mapping tables as well (Unfortunately, I sold mine along with my LBB set back some years ago for far less than they were worth :mad: ). If someone creative has access to that, it could be used as a basic pattern for creating similar sets of tables for Traveller.
The 1st edition DMG does have a set of random generation tables for adventures.

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I have both the 1st edition DM's Guide and the Judges Guild random dungeon charts. The JG charts gave detailed dungeon settings.