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SolaCola-HavaCola Timeline (long)

Last night the following excerpts of conversation were recorded by the robotic bartender Brubek in the LoneStar Lounge Chatroom after a frequent patron, Randy Tyler, entered and was served his usual K'Kree burger and SolaCola.

[20:02] < ]- > qli_hunter> SolaCola? What the hell? What is he doing serving up the competition in here? We only serve HAVACOLA!
[20:03] < ]- > RandyT0001> I made a deal to have SolaCola served here as well
[20:03] < ]- > qli_hunter> SolaCola sucks, HavaCola is the prefered drink of sophonts everywhere!
[20:03] < FreeTrav > Brubek has ... sources. For anything.
[20:06] < ]- > RandyT0001> We all know that the Solomani Rim War started when IISS scout ships were found illegally transporting HavaCola syrup across the Confederation border
[20:07] < ]- > qli_hunter> Pure propaganda! It was those blasted SolaCola operatives smuggling HavaCola into the Confederation and relabling it!
[20:10] < ]- > RandyT0001> SolaCola operatives do not relabel bile. Face it ya got caught smuggling HAVACola across the border in clear violation of the Terran - Sylean Treaty of 589
[20:11] < ]- > qli_hunter> Solomani sympathizing swine!
[20:11] < shadowcat > wasnt there a new improved formula havacola?
[20:11] < ]- > ACK> SolSec operative in our midst
[20:11] < ]- > RandyT0001> Imperalist, need I say more?
[20:11] < ]- > qli_hunter> That was New HavaCola, we don't talk about that anymore
[20:12] < ]- > ACK> But do you still call it HavaCola Classic
[20:12] < ]- > RandyT0001> It was their latest attempt at copying SolaCola and it bombed
[20:12] < ]- > qli_hunter> No no we dropped the Classic part after the New HavaCola fiasco. I told em it wouldn't work
[20:15] < RandyT000 > ACK, I am not a SolSec agent but I am proud to be an upstanding member of the Party!
[20:16] < ]- > qli_hunter> Hey bruce, they are serving the competition in here! SolaCola instead of HavaCola
[20:16] < ]- > Bruce> They don't realize Solacola is just repackaged Havacola...we made that deal a decade ago
[20:26] < RandyT000 > You see folks, Hunter is just angry because the truth about the theft of SolaCola syrup by HavaCola operatives triggered the Solomani Rim War
[20:26] < ]- > qli_hunter> Bah, HavaCola long predates the Solomani Rim War.
[20:27] < ]- > Bruce> hahaha...That is SO far from the truth..and it's just like the Sollies to make up that propaganda..cause they don't know the REAL story
[20:28] < ]- > Bruce> [nudges hunter] havacola is CANON...they can dream..but Solacola is not...heh
:( :mad:
[20:29] < RandyT000 > My mistake the old Interstellar Wars between the Vilani and Terra was triggered by the theft of SolaCola syrup. The Rim War was triggered when the IISS was caught smuggling HavaCola into Confederation territory in violation of treaty
[20:29] < ]- > Bruce> Randy; keep dreaming...grin...

Since I got caught up between two antagonists (Hunter and Bruce) and made a few mistakes defending SolaCola I offer the following timeline which will help my fellow Solomani when faced with Imperial propaganda and IISS agents.

The SolaCola-HavaCola Timeline (using the Imperial dating system)
  • -2628(approx) The first cola soft drinks were developed on Terra in the old nation known as the United States of America</font>
  • -2431 The Solomani discover jump drive.</font>
  • -2422 First Solomani(Terran)-Vilani contact. The Vilani taste cola for the first time and love it's sweet, stimulating flavor.</font>
  • -2420 Faced with the immense Vilani empire's commercial potential numerous Terran businesses merge into huge corporations. The various cola bottlers merge into the SolaCola Corporation.</font>
  • -2419 Dozens of commercial contract-treaties are signed. One reconizes the SolaCola Corporation as having trademark and patent rights in the manufacture, distribution and sale of cola throughout the Vilani Empire and on Terra and her colonies.</font>
  • -2418 Cola is sold for the first time on Dingir. Supplies of the cola syrup last for three hours before being sold out.</font>
  • -2416 Gaea, Lagash, and Shulgiasu receive their first shipments of cola. The drink is again hugely popular and supplies quickly sell out.</font>
  • -2417 One of two ships transporting cola syrup to Dingir is hijacked by Vilani pirates to sell on the blackmarket. The ensuing shortage of cola provokes the citizens of Dingir to demostrate. Fearing civil disorder the Vilani govenor at Dingir proclaims martial law and secretly instructs his scientists to analyze
    the cola syrup and copy it.</font>
  • -2415 Unable to reproduce the flavor and taste of the Terran cola the government of Dingir proceeds to sell the Dingir-cola anyway due to massive demand for cola. The local citizens reject the inferior Dingir cola and sales of it are small.</font>
  • -2412 Pirates across several systems in the Vilani empire hijack dozens of ships carrying SolaCola syrup. The SolaCola corporation petitions the Vilani government to provide protection of ships carrying the
    syrup but only token escorts are provided.</font>
  • -2410 A defector from the scientific research facility on Dingir tells the Terran government and the SolaCola Corporation about the attempted reproduction of cola on the order of the Dingir governor. The Terran government demands that the governor of Dingir stop the production of this inferior (Dingir) cola.</font>
  • -2408 The governor of Dingir refuses to stop production of the stolen cola formula. The Terran government attacks and the First Interstellar War begins.</font>
  • -2400 The First Interstellar War ends. The governor on Dingir agrees to cease production of the stolen (Dingir)cola syrup.</font>
  • -2398 Terran Confederation established.</font>
  • -2396 thru-2245 Various wars breakout between the Terrans and the Vilani. These wars are collectively known as the Nth Interstellar Wars. As Terran forces appear in system, several Vilani worlds change loyalities to the Terran side in order to get unrestricted access to pure, genuine SolaCola.</font>
  • -2243 Terrans develop Jump-3 drive. New ships with the breakthrough drives are constructed.</font>
  • -2235 The last of the Nth Interstellar Wars begins. The Terrans in their new jump-3 ships make fantastic advances into the heart of the Vilani empire. Many Vilani worlds changed sides once promises of unrestricted SolaCola access are made.</font>
  • -2219 The last Nth Intstellar War ends. Terrans have achieved victory.</font>
  • -2204 Admiral Estigarribia proclaims the Rule of Man. The Second Imperium is born. The term Solomani is born. (Some historians believe that Estigarribia created this term so that conquered Vilani could easily associate the new government with the suppliers of SolaCola.)</font>
  • -2204 thru-1870 SolaCola is sold throughout the Second Imperium. The SolaCola Corporation becomes one of a dozen of Terran businesses to achieve mega-corporation status.</font>
  • -1860 Interstellar trade begins to decline as the government is unable to curtail pirate activity. Within five years Terra is cut off from the Imperial core.</font>
  • -1776 Collapse of the Rule of Man. The Long Night begins. The SolaCola Corporation downsizes as the market shrinks. Ships carrying SolaCola syrup are a favored target of pirates.</font>
  • -1690 The SolaCola Corporation is one of the founding members of the Terran Mercantile Community.</font>
  • -1526 Interstellar trade virtually ceases as the Long Night deepens.</font>
  • -1511 Darrians taste SolaCola for the first time as Solomani traders establish contact with them.</font>
  • -1044 Old Earth Union created.</font>
  • -650 Sylean Federation established.</font>
  • -500 The Old Earth Union signs trade agreements with the Dingir League and the Easter Concordat.</font>
  • -30 Cleon's Campaign to unify the Sylean Federation begins.</font>
  • 0 The Third Imperium is established. As the Third Imperium expands and contacts lost worlds, locals mistakenly believe that the IISS agents are members of a new Terra-based, Solomani empire and question the IISS about obtaining SolaCola. When told the truth later many worlds rebel and Cleon II is forced to abdicate.</font>
  • 54 Artemsus is proclaimed emperor. His first priority is to consolidate the Imperium before it disintegrates due to the absence of SolaCola. For the next fifteen years he enlarges his military.</font>
  • 76 The Pacification Campaigns begin.</font>
  • 120 The Pacification Campaigns end when Artemus agrees to the rebel worlds' demand to re-establish contact with Terra in order to secure supplies of SolaCola.</font>
  • 415(approx) The Third Imperium makes contact with the Easter Concordat. IISS agents discover that the Easter Concordat has access to SolaCola.</font>
  • 426 The Easter Concordat is absorbed into the Imperium. One of the conditions of the agreement was that the Easter Concordat supply the Third Imperium with illecit samples of SolaCola syrup for duplication. The samples are given to a subsidary of the Vilani corporation Sharushid. Within a year the formula is duplicated and Sharusid incorporates a new subsidary, HavaCola, to manufacture and market the drink.</font>
  • 475 Empress Nicholle assassinated by Cleon IV when the Empress refused to honor the agreements made at the end of Artemus's Pacification Campaigns. Cleon IV tried to contact Terra but his attempts were foiled by Vilani nobles in the Moot.</font>
  • 555 Jerome is proclaimed emperor after the assassination of Cleon IV. The installation of Jerome is the first attempt by the Vilani nobles to gain control of the Third Imperium.</font>
  • 582 Backed by the Solomani nobles in the Moot, Jaqueline assassinated Jerome and ascended the throne. She expanded the Imperium rimward and began negotiations to bring Terra into the Third Imperium.</font>
  • 588 Terra incorporated into the Imperium.</font>
  • 589 Various treaties between the Third Imperium and Terra are signed. Once again the SolaCola Corporation would be the sole manufacturer and supplier of SolaCola throughout the Third Imperium. The existance of HavaCola is hidden from the Solomani.</font>
  • 604 The Civil War begins.</font>
  • 622 The Civil War ends when Admiral Arbellatra kills Emperor Gustus in the Second Battle of Zhimaway.</font>
  • 629 Arbellatra proclaimed empress.</font>
  • 666 Zhakirov proclaimed emperor upon the death of Arbellatra. Vilani nobles within the Moot (many of them high ranking officers of the Vilani megacorporations) convinced Zhakirov to marry Antiama, a Vilani noble-woman.</font>
  • 579 Antiama coerced Zhakirov to declare HavaCola to be the only cola drink to be distributed within the Third Imperium. The Solomani nobles protested this action since it clearly violated the Terra-Sylean treaties of 589. The most vocal of the Solomani nobles to complain are ejected from the Moot.</font>
  • 704 In order to avert anouther civil war the Empress Margaret I established the Solomani Autonomus Region. Within this region only Solomani corporations were to conduct business, Vilani corporations were to be exluded.</font>
  • 800 Psionic Suppressions begin.</font>
  • 826 Psionic Suppressions end.</font>
  • 844 Sharushid begins to sell HavaCola within the Autonomus Region through third party traders.</font>
  • 871 Solomani Confederation established to control the trade within the sphere since the Third Imperium is unwilling to do so.</font>
  • 940 Solomani friction with the Third Imperium increases as smuggling of SolaCola rises.</font>
  • 950 Emperor Styryx proclaims the Solomani Confederation to be a part of the Imperium, subject to Imperial law and open to trade for Vilani merchants. For the next forty years, after both sides agreed to retain the status quo of the Solomani region's trade barriers, diplomats engaged in negoitations. The outcome looked promising as time went on until an IISS ship was caught smuggling SolaCola.</font>
  • 989 Solomani naval vessels intercept an IISS scout ships smuggling SolaCola syrup out of the sphere. Ship's logs showed evidence that such activity had been conducted since the beginning of the negoitations almost forty years before. This violation was the final insult, the Solomani attacked in 990 and the Solomani Rim War began.</font>
  • 990 The Solomani Rim War begins.</font>
Let it be known that it is my intention to have the above incorporated into Traveller Canon.
If it conflicts with previous HavaCola historical canon then so be it. (It's not like Traveller doesn't have a few inconsistencies already.) :D
Originally posted by Randy Tyler:
Last night the following excerpts of conversation were recorded by the robotic bartender Brubek in the LoneStar Lounge Chatroom after a frequent patron, Randy Tyler, entered and was served his usual K'Kree burger and SolaCola.

That is so damn funny ... Thanks Randy.

Solacola commercial opens:

A pan back from a gleaming green earth.

Announcer's voice:

"Back where it all began."
"With a tradition deeper than man's quest for the stars."
"There comes the one and only Solacola!"

A shot of the statue of liberty surrounded by sophonts of all kinds with Solacola drinks in their appendages.

The shot pans out quickly to the flame of the statue of liberty and a group of Hiver tourists all holding up Solacola drinks.

Final shot of cute humaniti woman of vague ancestory drinking a Solacola.

Announcer's voice again:

"Reach for the real thing."

"Reach for Solacola."
competition keeps the wheels of industry going!!

What Megacorporations have Sola Cola exclusively in their offices and what Megacorporations have Hava Cola?
That first story is so funny, could this guy and his customers be any more hypocritical

"Let's fight American Imperialism and Capitalism by copying a top selling product right down to the label (and no doubt the taste) and getting filthy rich!"

"Its not our fault if our rhetoric inflames hatred while diverting attention from the fact that we are a Capitalist creating our own soft drink Empire."

"Let us show our support for Islam by buying this cola and consuming it in excess and providing huge profits for a Capitalist in another country who says he is not an American."

Right about here I'm hearing John Stossel plead "Give me a break!" :rolleyes:

That second story is just more of the same sad misunderstanding that will probably only go away when one or both sides are eliminated by some catastrophic event :( but at least they are promoting their cause in a way that only destroys a product*, and one that is very much an icon of American Capitalism.

*so far at least, as reported, but using weapons and bombs it seems only a matter of time before someone is hurt :(
Originally posted by Andrew Boulton:
To be fair, they do give 20% of the profits to charity.
No ... No ... No.

The first post about the cola knock offs made sense but let us not go completely OT here. Too Serious!!

We need to think about how the Cola Wars turned Interstellar and started the Solomani Rim War.

Yes I did see that and while laudable just how much credit he deserves is dependant on how he defines profits, i.e. how much is his (before profit) wage, are corporate reinvestments pre or post profit statement.

I also have a problem with charity to the current Palestine and such. No matter how well intentioned and carefully thought out to avoid funding radicals there is always an indirect support resultant from taking the weight off deserving areas that results in a trickle down of fresh resources often ending up helping those same radical elements you were trying so hard to deny aid to, at least in my cynical/realist opinion.

I'm not saying such charity should be cut off, its not that easy a solution. Its a very complicated situation requiring close attention, and I don't see a soft drink entrepreneur being able to do it well when I see other bigger concerns failing, It would be better if he directed all the donations through UNICEF or The Red Crescent or some such.
Originally posted by ACK:
No ... No ... No.

The first post about the cola knock offs made sense but let us not go completely OT here. Too Serious!!

We need to think about how the Cola Wars turned Interstellar and started the Solomani Rim War.

You are right of course ACK, my apologies for letting Real Life (tm) creep in ;)

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming already in progress...

"Tonight on 60 Parsecs we investigate claims that profits from SolaCola were used to fund the mythical Phoenix Project."

Solacola? Havacola?


Everyone knows that Grape/Kiwi/Gerris Strapple©®&#153; is the best drink around.

Strapple is a 1110 slang contraction of Star Apple, IIRC.