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Thrash will appreciate this. Flew a sailplane yesterday (a Grob 12). It's only the second time that I've flown a sailplane. VERY sensitive in yaw. My dead feet managed to drop a wing, once, in fact. Can still recover from unusual attitudes though (obviously). Very interesting finding small localized thermals- the new Wal-Mart in Highland is one such location. Broiler in the cockpit. Yeesh. VERY tight turns possible at less than 2G loading. Landing was smooth, was able to maintain control effectiveness up to the last second of rollout. Wierd having the ground only 20 cm away at 55 kts IAS. Bumpy, too.

I'll keep the 172. With my rudder feet, I'd better.

How about a sailplane with a grav pod, Major? Best of both worlds?