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Snapshot revisited; Crystal Creature

Blue Ghost

SOC-14 5K
The Friday before last I ran the infamous escaped animals scenario from Snapshot. One of the animals I conjured was The Crystal Creature; a silicate life form that harnessed energy as a digestive mechanism for consuming minerals, and could use same said means as a defense; i.e. it could focus its beam as per a LASER rifle.

Graphically I imagined it to be like the crystal lattice structure that was the Fortress of Solitude from the first Superman films, though perhaps the size of a rhino or elephant.

Its movement was ethereal in nature. It didn't "move" so much as transgress space (though this never came into play in the scenario; i.e. the thing actually stayed in its cage while the other animals ran rampant on the ship

I don't have the stats in front of me, but I'm curious what kind of Attack Flee Stand numbers you would assign, as well as defense and HPs?

Or, to borrow from Bryan Gibson; Stat that Creature!