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SMAWs, Stingers and other missing weapons


Part of what makes the modern army so effective is the amount of firepower we can give even one infantry unit. WHERE ARE THE SHOULDER LAUNCHED ROCKETS?? it has always been a pet peeve, but i always seem to make the weapon either to good or too sucky, never just right. Also, does anyone play with Force Lances (Andromeda weapons) or Light Sabers? what kinda rules do you use for that?
As I have not seen everything that T20 has to offer, I won't comment on what they have, or don't, but CT (specifically Striker) has extensive coverage in this area. Disposable rocket launchers, mortars, recoiless rifles (gotta luv them with air/rafts).

As for light sabres, there is already a thread on those in the ship's locker; just dig deep and you'll find it. Generally, most players frown on their use, but occaisionally you'll come across one or two folks that will tinker with them.
In T20 they are called RAM launchers and disposable launchers, which have a variety of warhead types.

Tac missiles are available in the players handbook, the playtest files of which are available in the Imperial Moot.