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SMART Research Data

Chuck Anumia

SOC-14 1K
What Research has been put together for SMART (Spinward Marches Archive Retrieval Team) LIC 1119?

Has anyone made use of this in their Traveller Universe?
I once ran a series of adventures that essentially was an exploratory search of the Corridor system using the MTJ articles as a guide for SMART researches (Scouts on Detached Duty) before it degenerated into rounding up resistance to the Doggies and call in the remanants of the Navy. But, as a Ref. my ultimate plan was for the SMART researchers to round the claw and discovering the Navy Supply Caches in the Rift just as they were being compromised by either Virus or one of the factions (as I had players utilize Cold Sleep technology).

SMART, I think, provides an excellent hook for all those characters who want to find out more than what is the TNS headline.