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Slough Feg _Traveller_ album?

Well it depends on your musical tastes, of course, but I like it. Its heavy metal but more musical than some in that category. In fact I frequently listen to it while I'm working. It was made by a professional band who are also Traveller players rather than Traveller players who formed an amateur group.

I've had a link on my website for several months now pointing to a site that has the lyrics. You can see the lyrics here.

And a chilling 'quote' from the Zhodani: "No more mercy. No more lies. We now control your mind."

Regards PLST
O.K., so I missed out on this particular conversation, but better late than never.

I was recently wandering around on the net having a look at Slough Feg's other albums, and I found 2 more tracks on other albums they produced. Both are Traveller works:

"Starport Blues" on on album Atavism


"Traders and Gunboats" on album Down Among the Dead

The latter boasts the following line, "Down and out on the Solomani Rim
Now the Spinward Marches don't look so grim"

Hemdian, if you liked the Traveller album, you'll love these pieces. You can grab them at Amazon for 99 cents each:)
The band's official site is here. http://sloughfeg.com/

You can download a sample of thier music here: http://sloughfeg.com/disco/TRVLR.htm

I am not sure I would describe it as metal, when I hear heavy metal I think Black Sabath or Iron Madien. This is harder. I think this is a sub genre of metal like thrash, or grind core. I am not sure what the kids are calling it. (Shakes fist in the air and tells teens to get off his lawn)

I'd liken it to early Black Sabbath, actually. Even if it has a somewhat harder edge, it's more progressive in terms of melody than most of the post-Def Leppard metal. I like it, and I yell at kids all the time.