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Skill points during University


Hello, just wondering how to work out skill points for characters working towards their Doctorate. One of my players has suggested playing a Doctor, and I was taking a look at the rules. With a decent Education score, it would take seven years to finish getting his MD.

The character would have earned enough xp to go up a few levels, but how would the skill points and feats be worked out?

Does the character in question select their career first (say, Professional), get their feats and starting skill points, then spend time at University, ignoring the Prior History for their career in favor of the University Prior History details? This would allow them some class skills and skill points per level (and access to career specific feats) as they level up via xp earnt from studying.

The XP you earn from University can be used toward any core class you qualify for, and as you gain levels in those classes you gain skill points and feats. Additionally, you may want to look in the section for T/Medical in the Skills chapter, as it contains information on becoming an M.D. (I don't have my book with me at the moment, so I can't give you page numbers.)

Hope that Helps.... If no one does it before I get home, I'll post the page number here too if you still need it.
That's a very elegant solution, thanks! The notes on T/Medical are on p 96, but just outline the requirements for being a Doctor, medic, nurse etc.

I appreciate your answer!
What I find amusing about university is that you can learn a whack skills. (your BA will get a 1st level character to 3rd) that have NOTHING to do with school studies.

Heh, in school for business managment, I also learned:

Stamina (Con bonus?)

Totally unrelated to:


RV ;)
Must not have spoken clear Vargrish. Just sounded in that post like you were thinking only game terms, not RL. Darn canadian language barrier! ;)

<insert elequoent retort about proper use of the Queen's English here.>


seriously though It's cool it's one step (or series of steps for post-grad) and effectively covers all the academies and schools in previous traveller.