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Skill Advancement post Career

Depends upon which ruleset is in use in game:

CT: You don't... ;)
Your character can take a sabbatical to gain 1 skill level. You can use the Bk 4 Instruction rules to increase skills of other characters... or pay NPC's to use it on you.
Numerous house rules grew out of this lack, however...
MT: Very slowly... keep track of AT's, and when AT's + Int/5 = 3+, begin rolling each session until it goes up. Each skill is tracked separately.
TNE: Initiative and skills are two separeate experience pools. Spend points upon skills you wish to raise for skill XP. Initiative XP can only be used to raise initiative (and if your GM is really nice, and bends the rules, maybe for weapons specialization out of T2K2.2, and/or combat skills.)
T4: mumble_mumble_mumble. Check skills used. Earn XP. XP + check allows roll at exnd of session to advance. Erase checks after rolling... IIRC. (NOT checking).
T20: gain XP in play. When sufficient, gain level in appropriate class. Service class gains only allowed if "in that service" or by GM fiat.
GT: Experience in GUPRS is (almost) just more character points, save that points gained in play are halved when spent upon attribute gains.
T5: when a skill is used under stress, it gains a check. At birthday, if no life pursuit, best two check totals go up one level each. If a life pursuit, most checked life pursuit skill and mosty checked other skill gain a leel each.
Other Traveller: Well... since it's the wild nature of gamers to port settings to other systems... however that system defines it. Since the systems used vary widely (FUDGE, CORPS, EABA, StoryTeller, BRP, Hero, TFTFV, even AD&D....) so does the methodology.
In CT second edition you can gain one of four types of self-improvement benefit per four years of game time.
EDUCATION- if your Int is higher than your Edu you can use correspondence courses to raise Edu by 1 point after 50 weeks of study.
N.B. The sabbatical Aramis mentioned gives you level 2 in a new skill.
WEAPON EXPERTISE- select one blade and one gun and increase your skill in each by 1 for the duration of the course.
SKILL IMPROVEMENT- select two skills you already have and raise each of them by 1 for the duration of the course.
PHYSICAL FITNESS- increase all three physical stats by 1 for the duration of the course.

So you basically selecy one of the options above for your character and roll 8+ on 2d6, if you fail then the self-improvement program is not carried out and you must wait a year to try again.
could someone make one up
mabye like you gain a skill point for every time you use a skill a certian ammont of time