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Sing to me, Aeon Trinity


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Is Aeon Trinity (for the complete run in PDF) worth the investment of US$30 that I could pick it up via Drive Through. Unless someone else knows of a discounted POD or similar place. Plus, tell more, the setting sounds intriguing. I never really cared for Aberant but I like the Near Future aspect that I have been reading about.
You would be better off looking on ebay, I got the limited version when it was just Aeon for £5 and the modules come up cheap also.
As a setting, Aeon rocks - it's hands down the richest setting I have ever seen in an RPG. The front half is a joy to read - it presents this incredibly vibrant, real-feeling world all as soundbites and interviews and news items (there's even one about the latest fads and fashions coming out of Africa).

The only sucky thing about it is the characters... it's just too superheroish for my tastes. But you could easily strip-mine the setting of ideas, or just run it as a more mundane near-future post-cyberpunky thing.

Systemwise IIRC it uses the final or penultimate version of Storyteller that came out before the nWoD (maybe Exalted beat it, I dunno), so it corrects a lot of the flaws in the engine that were in the oWoD (eg the problem where the higher your dice pool, the more likely you are to botch). There is a d20 version but it sucks the soul right out of the game I think, so avoid that.

Have a look around for the hard copy (especially a limited edition one with ring-binding and plastic cover, because that has the original name of the game on it, not "Trinity"), because it's very pretty.
I have Adventure! Which is part of the Aeon trilogy of games. I can't speak for the setting in Aeon Trinity but if the rules are the same, for my tastes I'd certainly not be keen. As Mal says, it takes the Storyteller system as used in Vampire etc - a system I feel is beutiful and elegant in it's simplicity - and adds all manner of clunky rules and extra stats on top in a ham-fisted manner not unlike D&D D20. Not for me.
Mal certainly makes me want to read the Aeon background though. It sounds great.

As I stated, I was looking for Aeon Trinity (all the books) in PDF. Drive Through, has copies and even the Player's Guide for FREE!!! If there are any more trial offers or other sites that might offer different discounts, let me know.

But, Mal.'s endorsement, means alot to me, as he has rarely steered me wrong about great products.

Here is the link to the FREE Players Guide...