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Silhouettes and Comparisons

Kewl! Finally able to show a player just HOW F****** big the Tigress is!
Originally posted by Kitt:
OK I recognized a scout ship profile in there, but what were the names of the other ones? ;)
Let's see...

Express Boat Tender
Express Boat
Scout/Courier - Seeker variant
Broadsword class Merc cruiser
Close Escorts (3 variants, inluding standard, and Fiery class streamlined version
Close Escort gig
Type T patrol Cruiser
The large sphere is the Tigress class Dreadnaught.
The Large one at the very bottom is an Azhanti High Lightning class cruiser.
On the right are the various traders and liners, including the Free Trader, Far Trader, Sub Merchant, Sub Liner, Leviathan class exploratory freighter, and King Richard liner.
Left Hand Side - Working Down

1. Don't Know (I would guess at X Boat tender given it's location)
2. Scout type S
3. X Boat
4. Type J Seeker
5. Cuddly Fun Ball (aka Broadsword Mercenary Cruiser)
6-8) Far Trader, Free Trader and another circa 200 ton chip
9) Pinnace? Some small craft anyway
10) Type T Patrol Cruiser
11) A Pair of Generic Fighters (Circa 15 dT)

1) Tigress
2) Azanti High Lightning

Right Hand Side - I'm much less sure
2) SDB of some sort
3) A Patrol Craft that has been discussed on CotI recently with a "Bridge out on a neck"

Other than that, I don;t know - Given how big Far Traders are, The Tigress is " 'kin Uge "
Clockwise from upper-right, they are:

  • Type A2 Far Trader</font>
  • Type A Free Trader</font>
  • Type M Subsidized Liner</font>
  • Type R Subsidized Merchant (w/launch)</font>
  • Maru</font>
  • Triad Merchant</font>
  • Seeker Armored Merchant</font>
  • Star Merchant Liner</font>
  • Leviathan Merchant Cruiser</font>
  • King Richard Liner</font>
  • Azhanti High Lightning (w/fighters & fuel shuttle)</font>
  • Type T Patrol Cruiser</font>
  • x3 Type CE Close Escorts (streamlined, with L-Hyd tanks, standard) and Gig</font>
  • Broadsword Mercenary Cruiser</font>
  • Type J Seeker</font>
  • Type S Scout/Courier</font>
  • Type X Express Boat</font>
  • Desiree Keah Yacht</font>
  • Tigress Dreadnaught</font>
Stats and source-page is HERE