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Should I impliment the title "Grand Poobah Of the Spinward Marches"?

Should I impliment the title "Grand Poobah of the Spinward Marches"?

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My Loyal Subjects and Members of the Imperial Nobility, posthumous or otherwise!

I, Cleon the III, Emperor of the Imperium, am considering creating a new title within the Imperium, the title of Grand Poobah! The title would hold as much weight as a Sector Duke, but would be out of the normal chain of "command" so to speak. The major difference is that said Grand Poobahs would have the right to promote to nobility via the grand act of execution anyone who resides in his sector, up to the title of Baron. At this time, I am making the Spinward Marches sector a test case, this poll is to check the attitudes of my loyal and loving citizens if they feel this is a good idea, and if they feel that one Trader Jim is the right sophant to promote to said title. Comments are encouraged!


Oh, and I forgot to add, the new Grand Poobah also gets this neat hat! :::Holds up bloody Shriner's Fez::: Let's just say the previous owner was promoted with extreme predjudice by "Deborah", my Magnum Revolver/Grand Princess and heir to the throne.
TJ deserves a title, anyone else of his stature likewise earns "the honor".
(hey, the Impishness has made a democratic stroke of this why not).
So if there's going to be a Grand Poobah, does this mean that there will be ordinary Poobahs as well?

And do they get minions? :D

A little more detail would be helpful...

Originally posted by Valerian:
So if there's going to be a Grand Poobah, does this mean that there will be ordinary Poobahs as well?

And do they get minions? :D

A little more detail would be helpful...

My good Valerian, you pose a good question, one I hadn't considered.

Yes, I think there should be a lesser but similar title. Although I don't think the word Poobah should be used, so that there isn't any confusion over the title...we already have that with Subsector Duke and Sector Duke for instance.

Hmmm...what to call this lesser but similar title...AH! I shall call it the "Poohbear"!

Each sector shall have one Poohbear per subsector under Imperial control, including Districts, such as District 268, but not including allied powers, for instance the Darrians wouldn't have their own Poohbear. Subsectors under multiple control shall have a Poohbear if the majority of the population are Imperial citizens, otherwise they will fall under the jurisdiction of the closest subsector's Poohbear, the Poohbear that is Coreward (Toward Core sector, not the Galactic Core) shall have jursidiction if two or more subsectors are equidistant. The Poohbears shall be appointed by the Grand Poobah of the Sector in question, with the current Emperor of the Imperium having final veto power and right of execution of a canidate he feels is unworthy.

The powers of the Poohbears differ in regards to the Grand Poobah's as follows:

a) The Poohbears may promote via execution any non-noble citizen to the title of Knight, subject to veto (posthumously) by either the Grand Poobah or the current Emperor of the Imperium.

b) The Poohbears only have jurisdiction over their subsector(s) and it's citizens, and without a warrant from either the Grand Poobah or the current Imperial Emperor, cannot promote via execution nor feed coffee juice to the point of stomach upset and gas pangs anyone whom isn't a citizen of a subsector under their jurisdiction.

c) Instead of the Red bloodied Fez worn by the Grand Poobah, the official garb of office of the Poohbears shall consist of a full body suit made from yellow fur skinned from an ursine creature. Said fur can be bleached and dyed yellow if it isn't naturally so. Also, a red short sleeve tunic with yellow cursive script with the word "Poohbear" embroidered upon the center of the front of said tunic shall be worn at all times when performing one's duties of office. Finally, a yellow Imperial sunburst shall be worn as a badge on the right shoulder, while the name of the subsector(s) and sector that the Poohbear serves shall be embroidered upon the back of said tunic, in the same script as the script upon the front.

d) The official badge of office shall consist of a opaque ceramic jar filled with the honey produced from bees or the closest local equivelent, using pollen generated from local plant(s), local being defined as being native to at least one world under the jurisdiction of of the Poohbear as outlined above. If no such honey exists, then one can substitute common honey of a Solomani origin to fill said jar. Said honey shall be the only food consumed by the Poohbear while in office.


There, I think this defines the office of Poohbear quite well, I do think that Trader Jim, or whomever does become Grand Poobah shall be quite happy with this.

Originally posted by Jame:
What are the qualifications for candidacy for either title?

Do I not (I hope) qualify?
Well...a complete lack of shame, a strong desire to see the LBB format or at least game design philsophy brought back for any future version of Traveller, and that you look stunning in either a stained red fez or yellow bear fur, depending on the title granted.

Oh, and the ability to withstand coffee juice, and plenty of it, even if Trader Jim isn't appointed.
Originally posted by George Boyett:
Could we have the honey pot titled "Hunny" indicate Senior Poohbear?
AH! A grand idea! But I think that since all Poohbears will be of equal stature to each other, that all shall have their honey pot marked "Hunny". But I thank you for this, considered such to be added to the official description of the title "Poohbear"!

Now, any suggestions as to who and/or how the Poohbears are selected?
well, a suggestion really...
(from the baron of restraunteurship of the LSCR Restraunt):

Since the nominee for the first Grand poobah is Trader Jim, perhaps a wee research into those who've displayed similiar tendencies, by reading along TJ's posts...Without naming names, He has several "Mini-Me's" here on the list. In keeping with the importance of the title bestowed, and the august office with whom is being represented, I think you will find several following in TJ's footsteps here worthy of Poohbear status. (although at this posting, it looks like those in favor of TJ's elevation to sector Duke (by Charlene or Deborah) are outweighing My vote in confidence of his being GP of the Spinward Marches.
A Poohbear cannot be a member of the Emperor's Guard, while a Grand Poobah can be a member of the Gouard but not the section that forms the Emperor's Personal Guard. Candidates must always be able to find a variety of information and products, so ex-Scouts, Merchants and Wealthy Travellers would be best.
You know, I found a post by the soon to be Grand Poobah Trader Jim about how he seems somehow reluctant to accept the post...and here I am, coming onto these boards to add that the Grand Poobah's badge of office and personal consort will be this fine just SLIGHTLY used gauss pistol named "Suzanne". :D

Hmmm...perhaps I should promote the old boy to Grand Poobah, despite his wishes and paranoia about being promoted with extreme predjudice. I mean, the alternative, as the poll clearly shows, is being made sector duke via the graces of a HEAP round from the ever loving and cuddly "Charlene, Grand Emperess and 12mm Snub Pistol".

Yes, I do belive I shall announce his promotion come holiday next week. :D

I do hope he fits into the job well...so very well do hope so. ;)
I can't believe I forgot to mention this! Ursa, those wonderful cuddly uplifted bears would make wonderful "Poohbears" if they are willing to dye themselves yellow! Or if not, then another sophant, if he or she desires the title of "Poohbear" may request that the current Grand Poobah (or Emperor :D ) promote to "Poohbear" via the right of execution, skin it, dye said skin yellow, then grant said pelt to said sophant making the original request! If this is done, then I do suggest that one contact the good Baron Liam and have the rest of the carcass prepared for a coronation feast for said incoming Poohbear...waste not, want not I always say! ;)

Oh, and I do expect each and every ellgable subsector to have it's own Poohbear by at most day 150 of the coming year. So, my soon to be Grand Poobah Trader Jim, you'd better get to hunting those Ursas, and order in a couple 55 gallon drums of yellow dye! :D
Looking over old threads it was just to good to pass up.:eek: Besides, I'm extremely bored.

Also, sooner or latter, I'll hit 1000 posts, then maybe someone will take me seriously.;) Anyway, then I'll get the coveted 1K icon to display.:cool: