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Ship Weapon Ranges...


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Okay, quick question:

Can anyone explain how ship weapon ranges work? I would have thought that it was -2 for each range category after the first, and that based on the weapon's range stats given in the design sequence section. (i.e. Fusion gun has a range of 4,500km, while lasers have 30,000km and 45,000km, depending on type.)

However, there's a section that implies that each ship weapon has a range category like Close, Short, etc, and that the range penalty is -1 for each band beyond the base range of the ship weapon. But how is that base range determined?

In short, it's a bit confusing/conflicting, and I'm trying to figure it out. Can anyone help clarify this for me?

Thanks in advance,
Depends a. on the game-resolution-system, and b. if you fire out- or inside an athmoshphere (or more precise starship or personal combat).

MT handles it the following way :

Starship Combat :
-> all Weapons have infinite range except Plasma, Fusion and Meson(?), which only fire up to planetary range.
-> beam weapons suffer a -1 modifier beyond planetary range.
-> missiles get a +1 modifier beyond planetary range.

Planetary range is defined as 3 hexes, if you use counters, or a respective number of kilometers (don't have my books here, sorry...).

Personal Combat :
-> weapons have their respective maximum range (see the books).
-> for the to-hit-tasks the Fire-Control-by-tech-level difficulty-tables (see the books) are used.

But I'm afraid, you're not talking about MT here,

Hava a nice day,
Aldan Romar